Temporary and Expanded Access to Vendor and Publisher Resources

In an effort to respond to the increased need for electronic content to support teaching and research, the University Libraries is taking advantage of select offers from vendors and publishers for free temporary access to resources due to COVID-19. The following resources have been added to library collections on a temporary basis through the spring 2020 semester:

  • Coronavirus Research Database (Gratis access has been provided by ProQuest through August 31, 2020.)
  • Elsevier Textbooks (Gratis access provided by Elsevier to 256 textbooks on the ScienceDirect platform through August 31, 2020.) Please note that there is no direct link to this group of ebooks, but are available by searching the CAT via the Libraries' home page.
  • JSTOR (Expanded access provided through December 31, 2020.)