About Open Access

Open access — sometimes referred to as OA — may be defined as a mode of publication or distribution of research results that limits or removes payments, fees, licensing, and other barriers to readers’ access to research reports, journal articles, conference proceedings, books, or any other type of scholarly literature or research product.

When many people think of open access they think of open access journals. However, open access can refer to many different methods of making research available, including posting work, data, thesis and dissertations to a repository, uploading work to one's own website, or publishing an open access monograph.

Visit A Brief Timeline of Open Access for an overview of the international Open Access movement.

Open Access at Penn State

The Penn State University Libraries are committed to making data and knowledge accessible to the Penn State community and to the public. The Libraries promote open access through research and data services like ScholarSphere; open access journals, annotated bibliographies, conference proceedings, topical web portals, and monographs through Libraries Open Publishing; and instructor and faculty assistance to promote the use and creation of Open Education Resources. We also provide consultations for authors interested in publishing their work or data in an open access manner through the Libraries Copyright Officer.

University  Libraries is a supporting member of:

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Open Access Grants Information

As of June 27, 2017, the University Libraries is no longer able to fund the program, and is working to find other sources of funding. Until funding is identified, this program is on hold. Questions should be directed to Ally Stengel, Open Publishing Assistant, ams1130@psu.edu.