Author Rights and Publishing

In 2006, the Provosts from the BTAA member universities developed a statement that supports the rights of authors to retain rights that facilitate archiving, instructional use, and sharing with colleagues to “advance discourse and discovery.”  Penn State’s Faculty Senate endorsed the Statement in March 2008.  Included in the Statement is a publication addendum template.  

  • An addendum can confirm rights the author retains after submitting an article to a publisher and being accepted for publication. Many contracts offered by publishers today can strictly limit distribution rights beyond the publisher’s venue.   
  • For a work to have greatest impact in the scholarly community, retaining or confirming the right to distribute one’s work more broadly, such as within a disciplinary repository, has the potential to reach many more readers. Many voices in higher education are advising authors to become conversant with contract language and to negotiate retaining enough rights to share their work widely in the scholarly community.  

Additional sites about author addenda: