Open Access

Open Access (OA) makes available scholarly research and publications by removing the cost barriers associated with traditional publishing models. As a result, faculty and researchers are able to share their work with a much wider audience, with limited restrictions. Materials can be downloaded and shared, expanding their reach and potential to be cited.

At Penn State, the University Faculty Senate passed an Open Access Resolution in April 2015 to encourage faculty to share their work openly. Likewise, the  Library Faculty Organization passed an Open Access Policy, committing librarians to share their research through open access channels, whenever possible.

The University Libraries promotes open access through:

Open Access Grants Program

As of June 27, 2017, the University Libraries is no longer able to fund the program, and is working to find other sources of funding. Until funding is identified, this program is on hold. Questions should be directed to Ally Stengel, Open Publishing Program Specialist,