One Button Studio

One Button Studio is the newest video recording technology at Penn State. Whether it be full presentations or short class projects, One Button Studio makes recording video fast and simple.

Equipment Overview

The One Button Studio includes an innovative line of technologies used to produce crisp and clear audiovisual recordings, including:

  • Canon HD Videocamera
  • Epson Projector, where certain PowerPoint or related presentations can be viewed
  • iMac Computer, where the user can access necessary files related to their presentation
  • Bluescreen and Greenscreen Capabilities
  • Asus Monitor, to view the recording
  • USB Port
  • Ceiling mounted lights and microphone
  • One Button Control:  Push once to record, then push once to stop

It is highly recommended that all patrons using One Button Studio have a familiarity with iMovie, in order to edit their video. Penn State's IT Learning and Development provides online training modules for many types of software, including iMovie— free to Penn State students, faculty, and staff. 


For assistance with any One Button Studio at University Park: