Library Instruction Room Guidelines



University Libraries’ Instruction Rooms are intended for teaching of library, research, and multimedia topics including instruction in the use of the libraries resources, research strategies, information literacy, and multimedia creation. This includes all course-related instruction and Library Studies credit classes, as well as Media Commons instruction sessions.

Request a library research or multimedia instruction session

Room Use


Room Use by Faculty from Units Outside the Library

Due to the high demand for library instruction, we do not have rooms available for open use by faculty from outside the library unless:

  • The faculty member has partnered with a librarian or Media Commons consultant, who is booking the class and responsible for handling scheduling, opening the classroom, technology instruction, etc.
  • The faculty member is using the classroom to instruct his/her class on the use of the library and/or to conduct a research session AND there is open space available for this purpose.

To request use of an instruction room, please contact Library Learning Services (

Individuals not affiliated with Penn State may not use the rooms unless officially co-sponsored by a library faculty member.

Other technology classrooms on campus can be booked through Classroom Lab Computing.


Room Use by Students

When not in use for instruction, the following rooms are available for use as open computer labs:

  • W140 Pattee in the Knowledge Commons (MAC computers)
  • W211A Pattee in the Music and Media Center
  • W315 Pattee
  • 302 Paterno in the Business Library

Room Use for Meetings and Other Purposes

Rooms may be used for other purposes outside of course-related instruction (e.g. training, meetings) under the following circumstances:

  • A Libraries or Media Commons employee requests use during low-demand times
  • A Penn State employee partners with a member of the Libraries or Media Commons for use during low-demand times

All special uses must be approved by Library Learning Services (


Scheduling rooms for meetings and non-instructional purposes

Due to heavy demand, these rooms are needed primarily for library instruction during the semesters. After 5pm and weekends, as well as late in the semester and between semesters are most likely times for non-instructional uses of the rooms to be approved.

Please contact Library Learning Services (865-9257 or with questions.


Rooms with Special Use Policies


Selecting a Room

  • Size: Choose a room that is appropriate for the size of the class.
  • Equipment: Select a classroom that has the equipment that will meet your class’s needs. If a hands-on, highly equipped room is not required, please reserve a low-tech classroom.

To help you decide which room to book, please see the Instruction Room descriptions

Library Learning Services reserves the right to request that you move your class to a different location during high-demand periods, in order to meet the space and equipment needs of as many requested class sessions as possible.


Room Equipment and Use Instructions

Printed instruction sheets are available in the rooms for:

  • Podium equipment
  • Music seminar room
  • Mann Assembly room
  • Foster Auditorium

If the instructions are missing, please contact Library Learning Services (865-9257 or


Responsibility for room use

The person teaching the class is responsible for knowing the proper use of the room and the equipment. Training is available upon request.

At the end of the class, the person teaching the class is also responsible for:

  • Turning off the data projector, keyboard and mouse (if wireless)
  • Securing the equipment in the podium (leave the projector remote on the podium)
  • Locking the podium
  • Locking the room, if not available as an open lab
  • Recycling leftover handouts, discarding trash, general tidying up
  • Cleaning whiteboards

If the room has been booked for an individual outside of the library (such as an instructor requesting an additional session or a co-sponsored session), the person booking the room is responsible for ensuring the above.


Scheduling Instruction Rooms