Leisure Reading and Viewing Rooms

Leisure Reading Room 

The Leisure Reading Room is located in the Pattee Library lobby at the Central entrance. The collection includes popular and best-selling fiction and non-fiction. All books in the Leisure Reading collection are available to borrow. 

Library Learning Services manages the collection. You are welcome to make a recommendation for the collection by sending an email request to ul-instruct@lists.psu.edu

Books in the collection are cataloged, and thus findable through LionSearch and the CAT.   

There are also kiosk displays of Leisure Reading books in the Franklin Atrium. These will be continually refreshed, and all titles in this location are available to borrow. 

Leisure Viewing Room 

The Leisure Viewing Room is a collection of DVDs purchased not to support any academic work, but for you to enjoy at your leisure. 

The DVD collection, also managed by Library Learning Services, is located in the Franklin Atrium on the first floor of Pattee Library. 

To find a particular television series or a movie, search the CAT or LionSearch. The location designation is “Pattee - 1st Floor - Leisure Reading Collection.” 

These DVDs can be borrowed for seven days. Take any DVD container to the Common Services Desk for check out. 

To recommend a movie or a television series for the Leisure Viewing Collection, you are welcome to send your suggestions to Glenn Masuchika at gnm1@psu