What's in The CAT

What is The CAT? 

The CAT serves as an inventory list for the holdings of all Penn State University Libraries.

What will I find here?

The CAT will tell you

  • which books the Libraries own
  • which databases we provide access to
  • which newspapers, journals and magazines the Libraries subscribes to
  • videos, DVD's and recordings in our collection
  • software
  • government documents
  • microforms
  • children's materials
  • and much more!
How do I get started?

The initial search screen will ask you to make (at least) two decisions:

  1. Which type of search you want to do (Keyword, Begins With, or Exact) and
  2. Which field(s) (Keywords, Anywhere, Topic, Author, Title, Journal Title, Subject, etc.) you want to select from the drop down menu.

A good rule of thumb is that "Begins With" or "Exact" searches are best for searching for known items (like Title or Author) and "Keyword" searches are better for beginning searches when you don't know very much about the topic or don't have specific titles in mind.

What won't I find here?

What you will not find in The CAT is information about specific articles. If you want to find a specific article, you will need to look for the periodical the article appears in, or will need to check another resource like Citation Linker. The CAT will tell you which periodicals (journals, magazines and newspapers) we have in our collections, as well as the dates of coverage we have for these titles.