CAT - Using Punctuation in Search

When you include punctuation in your search,The CAT does one of the following: ignores it, supplies spaces, or replaces it with a word variation of the punctuation you used.

If you want to include the punctuation mark as a literal character, you must enclose it in double quotation marks.


Using Punctuation in Search
What you type CAT uses What happens
cat & dog cat dog
cat and dog
Punctuation is Ignored
Punctuation is Replaced
cat "&" dog cat & dog Literal (Punctuation included in search 
because double quotes are included)
CAB/CAIN -or- CAB Cain CAB/CAIN Space is supplied

More about using punctuation in your search.

Punctuation marks, and how they are treated in The CAT
Punctuation Mark Replaced With
accent ` space
ampersand & ignored
(single quotation mark)
' ignored
asterisk * space
at (each) sign @ space
back slash \ ignored
brackets [ ] spaces
circumflex   ignored
colon : space
comma , space
exclamation point ! space
forward slash / space
hyphen - included
number sign 
(pound sign, musical sharp)
# space
percentage sign % space
period .  
plus + space
semicolon ; space
tilde ~ space
underscore _ space