CAT - Print/Email Marked

Print/Email Marked allows you to print, email or save the results of your search.

  • Mark Records: Click on Mark button to add the record to the list for printing, emailing or saving. To remove records, click on the Unmark button. During a session, Marked results are included in your list until you remove them.
  • Print/Email Marked: Click on the Print/Email Marked button at the top of the screen to print, email, or save the marked records.
  • Print instructions: Click on the PRINT button. Print the list using your browser’s print button. At University Park, the Libraries provide fee based network printing through an agreement with Nittany Office.
  • Email instructions: Type in the complete email address including domain in the "Email to:" box. Click on the EMAIL button.
  • Save instructions: Save provides a list of your records that can be copied and pasted into many types of software.
  • View: The view button displays your search results according to the options selected.
  • More Options:
    • Sort By — organize your results by title, author or call number
    • In Library — limit by Library
    • View of Records — display your records in 3 ways. 
      • Full is the default and shows much of the detail of the record. 
      • Brief is a shorter more concise view of the record with call number. 
      • All provides the complete cataloging record.
    • Type of Output — display the records using formatted or Flat ASCII output. Formatted is the default and is the way the CAT records are normally displayed. Flat ASCII show the MARC record which is used mainly by library personnel.