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Select advanced search and...

  • Type the keywords you're looking for in the boxes provided. If you have different types of keywords (such as Author and Title), use more than one box.
  • Use the pulldown menus on the left to change the Search Type when you want to use a specific index, such as Author or Title.

If you type keywords in more than one box, use Connectors to tell The CAT how to link the words together. If you don't specify a connector, the connector AND will be used, meaning the words in both boxes must occur in the results.

Example: cat AND dog


Keyword Search

The default is "Keywords anywhere" (multiple indexes are searched at the same time).

  • Keywords anywhere: finds records containing the words or phrases you request in any of these parts of the record (Author, Title, LC subject, Series, Notes). 
  • KEYWORD is useful if you aren't sure of the beginning words of a search. In addition, it lets you use "Connectors" (AND, OR, NOT) to combine search terms, for more powerful results! When you are trying to search The CAT for multiple terms at the same time, think KEYWORD! [Example: cats AND dogs]


If you know the exact name of a book, magazine, or journal (Time, Newsweek, Journal of the American Medical Association, etc.) and want to find it quickly, use BROWSE instead. KEYWORD is great for finding particular words and phrases throughout the catalog, but BROWSE works more efficiently when looking for exact titles and subject headings.

  • Topic: Title + Subject: finds records with Titles and/or Subjects matching your keyword/phrase.
  • Author: finds records whose Authors match your keyword/phrase.
  • Title: finds records whose Titles contain the word/phrase you entered.
  • Journal Title: searches the Titles of journals, magazines, newspapers, and other periodicals for your keyword/phrase.
  • Series: searches the Titles of series (books published in a series, such as Early English Text Society) for your keyword/phrase.
  • LC Subj Heading: finds records with Subjects that match your word/phrase (Subjects are based on headings used by the Library of Congress, hence the name, LC Subj headings).
  • Medical Subj Heading finds records containing this type of Subject: "MeSH" (Medical Subject Headings). The Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Library uses MeSH subjects, and this choice is especially useful when searching their library collection.

Limit Search

Optional Limits at the bottom of the page let you specify one or more of these: publication date, language, library, etc.).

  • Press the button to initiate the search.
  • Select Search Type. Use this to specify which index(es) to search. 
  • Optional Limits let you limit retrieval by one or more of these values:
    • Library
    • Shelf Location
    • Sort By
    • Publication Date(s)
    • Language
    • Material Type
    • Results: Keyword Search retrieves a list of Brief Titles sorted by your keyword(s)


Connectors (includes Boolean and positional operators) link together the words in your search and narrow or broaden your search. Three connectors are visible in the drop-down list: AND, OR, NOT.



Press the RESET button to clear all boxes and begin again.