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Penn State's ScholarSphere is a new research repository service offered by the University Libraries.

Share and Save. ScholarSphere enables Penn State faculty, staff, and students to share and save their scholarly works such as research datasets, working papers, research reports, and image collections. ScholarSphere makes these works more discoverable, accessible, and usable, and therefore more broadly recognized and known.

Manage and Preserve. ScholarSphere helps researchers to manage and preserve stored versions of their research, ensuring that future generations of scholars will be able to find, use, and build on it. ScholarSphere’s preservation functions include regular file backups and replication to disaster recovery sites, as well as both scheduled and on-demand verifications of deposited works and tools designed to protect files from possible obsolescence due to changes in data formats.

Secure and Protect. ScholarSphere is designed to keep research secure and unchanged over time. When desired, ScholarSphere can also keep research private by restricting access to an appointed individual or group.

Questions about ScholarSphere? Please contact the project team: scholarsphere AT psu DOT edu .

Want to try ScholarSphere? Consider beginning with our ScholarSphere Getting Started Guide.


Why should I use ScholarSphere?
Benefit Example
Discoverable Users can discover your public content by searching your descriptions of its subjects, authors, formats, and so on. You can also tag your work to keep track of the content you and your colleagues have submitted, for example, labeling files about a shared research interest or related to a grant-funded project . ScholarSphere tags can also be uploaded to RSS feeds and indexed by services like Google Scholar.
Citable ScholarSphere provides stable, short URLs and descriptions of your files that you and others can export to citation managers. The documentation and descriptions you provide for your data will allow your work to be maintained and accessible throughout its lifetime.
Accessible You can decide who has access to your data, from an individual, to a restricted group, to the general public.
Secure A trusted institutional service, ScholarSphere has safeguards in place to keep your research secure and unchanged over time.
Preserved ScholarSphere’s preservation functions include both scheduled and on-demand verifications of deposited works, as well as tools designed to protect files from possible obsolescence due to changes in data formats. 
Backed up Any data you store in ScholarSphere will be backed up and replicated to disaster recovery sites regularly.