Getting Started with ScholarSphere Tutorial


This guide will take you through the process of uploading and labeling a file in Penn State’s secure repository service, ScholarSphere.

 Logging Into ScholarSphere

  1. Identify an item you would like to deposit and make sure you have permission to deposit the item. 
  2. Open a browser window and navigate to ScholarSphere.
    Note: Chrome is the recommended browser for ScholarSphere.
  1. Click the grey “log in” button on the top right-hand side of the banner. When prompted, log in using your Penn State accessID and password. Once you have logged in you will be redirected back to the ScholarSphere homepage.


Uploading Your File

  1. Click the blue “Share your Work” button beneath the banner on the right-hand side of the page.
  1. Understand and acknowledge ScholarSphere terms of use.
  1. Click the link in the gold note box to open the ScholarSphere deposit agreement in a new window. Read the deposit agreement.
  1. If you agree with ScholarSphere’s terms, return to the ScholarSphere window and mark the checkbox to indicate that you have read and agree with ScholarSphere’s terms of use.
    Note: If you do not mark the checkbox you will not be able to deposit information in ScholarSphere.
  1. Click the green “Select Files” button. A file upload window will appear.


Labeling Your Data

Note: In most cases editing the advanced description of your file is optional but recommended in order to make your work more accessible. If you are uploading previously published content, you may be legally responsible for entering information such as the name of the publisher, location, and document identification number. For more information, consult your publisher and read the discussion of copyright permissions in the ScholarSphere Deposit License.

Congratulations! You have deposited your work in ScholarSphere!

  1. Navigate to the location of your file in the file upload window. Select the file and then click the “open” button.

    Note: If you would like to upload more than one file at once, you may select multiple files by holding down the ctrl key in Windows or the command key in Mac OS before clicking the additional file names.

    1. Click the blue “Start Upload” button. Once the file has finished uploading you will be redirected to the Apply Metadata page. This is where you will enter the metadata for the file you have uploaded.
    1. Describe your Data
    1. Title—If you like, you may choose to rename the file in the “Title” field. The default title is the name of your file.
    1. Bulk Descriptions—Enter metadata for your file. Required fields include Keyword, Creator, and Rights. For descriptions of each of these fields, hover your mouse over the question mark icon to the right of the field. To add more than one entry for Keyword, Creator, or Rights, click the grey “+” button. Entering information in the Resource Type field is optional, but recommended. If you would like to identify your file as more than one Resource Type, hold down the ctrl key in Windows or the command  key on a Mac while clicking the names of the desired types from the Resource Type scrolling list.Note: If you have uploaded more than one file, the Bulk Descriptions settings will be applied to all of the files. You will be able to edit these descriptions in the records of individual files later.
    1. Bulk Permissions—Choose your privacy settings. For a description of these options, read “How do I share my work with others?”Note: If you have uploaded more than one file, the Bulk Permissions settings will be applied to all of the files. You will be able to edit these descriptions in the records of individual files later.
    1. Click the blue “Save” button at the bottom of the screen. Once you have saved your file you will be redirected to your dashboard.Note: You will not be able to save the file if you have not entered information into all of the required fields.
    2. Wait for ScholarSphere to process your files. While the files are being processed, you will see a green message at the top of the screen, and any files you just uploaded will be marked with a magician’s wand and a visibility rating of “private.” If these indicators do not disappear promptly, refresh your browser window.
    3. Click the name of the file you deposited to view its information. You will be redirected to the file’s record, where you will see that there are many additional fields you may update.
    4. Click "Edit" under the Actions heading.
    5. Add any additional information you think readers could use to find or identify the file, including an abstract, the names of additional contributors, or a URL where the file can be located.
    1. Once you have entered all necessary additional information, click the blue “Save Descriptions” button at the bottom of the page.