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This policy serves to define the process for supervisors completing probationary period reviews for new Libraries full-time staff employees.


The probationary period is crucial for both the employer and the new employee.  This is the time for new employees to demonstrate and confirm that they are capable of successfully performing in the position and that they are worthy of continued employment with the University.  Supervisors should consider this time as an opportunity to fully evaluate the new employee’s ability to meet or exceed the performance standards and expectations of the job.


Supervisors are expected to evaluate employees during their twelve-month probationary period at three intervals after hire – two months, six months, and the beginning of the twelfth month.  Supervisors should utilize The University Libraries Probationary Employee Performance Evaluation Form to document the probationary employee's performance.  At each interval, the supervisor should schedule a meeting with the employee to discuss their performance and then complete the evaluation form.


Upon completing the form the supervisor should discuss the evaluation results with the employee.  The form should be signed by both the supervisor and the employee after each evaluation period.  The supervisor should retain the evaluation form during the course of the first year.  At the final twelve-month evaluation, after the employee signs the form, the employee should retain a copy and the original should be forwarded to Libraries Human Resources to include in the employee's personnel file.  New employees who fail to meet the performance standards and expectations for the job should be terminated during the probationary period.  Some factors that contribute to a new employee’s successful completion of his or her probationary period are as follows:

  • Fostering a mutual understanding of expectations, standards of performance, and the evaluation process by meeting and providing feedback on a regular basis.
  • Coaching the new employee in his/her efforts to meet training goals and performance objectives.
  • Coaching the new employee in his/her efforts to develop the skills needed to perform the job.
  • Providing the new employee with the training and tools needed to perform the job successfully.


If you are considering terminating an employee during the probationary period, contact the Libraries' HR Consultant for guidance before proceeding.  Do not terminate a probationary employee without prior authorization from HR.

  • To avoid unnecessary terminations, please contact LHR as soon as you become aware of problems with the probationary employee.  LHR can provide assistance for working with the employee to correct performance deficiencies.


Form: Probationary Employee Performance Evaluation Form (Word Document)

Policy HR34 Employment Conditions for Staff Employees


Effective Date: April 2, 2007

Date Approved: April 2, 2007 (Dean's Library Council)

Revision History (and effective dates):

  • May 13, 2022 - Updated Probationary Employee Performance Evaluation form
  • October 2018 – Process updated
  • July 7, 2010 – University Policy on Probationary Period changed to one year
  • April 2, 2007 – New policy

Last Review Date: October 2018