Guideline UL-ADG16 Group Study Rooms

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The purpose of the Libraries' Group Study Rooms is to support academic purposes such as study and collaboration. Penn State students have priority use of these rooms. Others may reserve these rooms for occasional use to be determined on an individual basis, but student use will always have priority.   


  1. Group Study Rooms may be reserved for a maximum of three hours per day per group. Exceptions may be made to time limits as room availability may permit.  
  2. Rooms may only be reserved for two or more people based on the seating capacity. Larger Group Study Rooms may require more people for a reservation. 
  3. Group Study Rooms will be held for 15 minutes past the beginning of the reserved time. After that time the reservation is forfeited.  
  4. Group Study Rooms are available for drop-in use when they are not reserved. Groups with reservations have priority. 
  5. All patrons using Group Study Rooms will honor the Libraries' Code of Conduct
  6. Group Study Rooms should not be used as a designated classroom. They may not be reserved for all or most meetings of a class and may not be listed as the location of a class in the Course Schedule. 
  7. Group Study Rooms may be scheduled up to two weeks in advance.  
  8. Students reserving Group Study Rooms will need to provide their contact information (e.g., access ID). This information will be kept confidential but will be used to notify students if there is a change in the status of their reservation. 
  9. Individual units are responsible for maintaining and monitoring Group Study Rooms on their floors, including emailing room assignments and posting schedules. 
  10. Individual units may reserve the right to alter the schedule, supersede availability, or close the room. Students who have reserved the room should, if possible, be given notice. Units assigned to monitor group study rooms may make an exception to this policy if in their judgment other students will not be disadvantaged. 

Effective Date: February 2012
Date Approved: January 30, 2012 (Dean's Library Council)

Revision History (and effective dates):

  • February 2022 - Revised - Editorial
  • March 2017 - UL-AD25 converted to UL-ADG16
  • January 30, 2012 – New policy

Last Review Date:  February 2022