Guideline UL-ADG02 Use of the Charles W. Mann, Jr. Assembly Room (Paterno Library)

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The Mann Assembly Room is designed to suit multiple University Libraries needs and purposes. Penn State University Libraries has a steadfast commitment to diversity and providing a safe environment for all in the Libraries’ many locations. Libraries are safe havens at Penn State and everywhere. Our facilities and our services firmly underscore our commitment to safety, security, and a welcoming space for all. Penn State is an institution of higher education, and fully supports the right of free speech and encourages its expression in thoughtful and respectful ways, even when we strongly disagree with the opinions expressed. But, the First Amendment does not require our University to risk imminent violence. The space falls under the administrative jurisdiction of the Office of the Dean of University Libraries. The Mann Assembly Room may only be reserved by Libraries’ faculty and staff. Groups external to the Libraries need to obtain a sponsorship from a Libraries liaison who must be present during the duration of the event. 

Room usage priorities include: 

  • Special Collections Library Teaching and Learning 

  • Dean’s Office Events 

  • Other Libraries Teaching, Learning, Student Engagement, and Outreach 

  • University Libraries Events/Receptions 

Given the heavy use of this room by Special Collections for teaching and learning activities, the rare and unique materials that are used in these activities are subject to increased security for preservation reasons.  

When possible, receptions and social events should be held elsewhere. Additionally, due to the frequency of Special Collections material being used in the space, please note the Library Sponsor's clean-up responsibilities are listed in the procedures section to help ensure safety and security. 


The maximum occupancy of Mann Assembly Room varies depending on its configuration. See Mann Assembly Room Setup Default Configurations for more information regarding capacity. The Facilities Administration Department is available to help configure the room. In order to communicate event and space needs to the Facilities Administration Department, email the Facilities listserv and include the information about the specific configuration requested. 

Podium (hardwired and fixed in place): 

  • desktop computer 

  • VGA and HDMI laptop hookups (no dongles provided) 

  • laser pointer 

  • slide advance 

  • VCR 

  • DVD 


Single projection available. Use of copyrighted material must comply with U.S. copyright law. For more information, visit the Penn State Copyright webpage.


  • 2 handheld microphones 

  • 1 throwable microphone 

  • 1 lavalier microphone  


Software Microsoft Office Suite, web access, WIFI, Phone (The phone is in the white drawers in the back closet. It can be plugged into the phone jack next to the podium. The number is 814-865-8452.) 

Video Conferencing: 

The desktop computer in the Mann Assembly Room is equipped to run Zoom.  If considering using Zoom in order to make an event accessible to virtual participants, room reservers are encouraged to review Zoom Meeting and Webinar Best Practices in order to decide if the Mann Assembly Room meets their needs.


The Libraries Accessibility Committee can provide information, but it is the responsibility of the group to make accommodations. 


Failure to comply with the below-referenced procedures may result in denial of future requests: 

  • must be present at the event or designate a Libraries’ representative to attend in their place  

  • must comply with the purpose and values listed above  

  • responsible for turning away event attendees once the maximum capacity is reached. If the maximum capacity is exceeded, the ability to reserve the room will be taken away  

  • responsible for room set up 

  • responsible for making sure the room is locked at the end of the event (staff at the Welcome Desk can lock the door for you)  

  • if the room is no longer needed for an event, you are responsible for communicating cancellations through the Outlook calendar and to appropriate Libraries offices  

  • if your event is cancelled last minute, please notify the East Welcome Desk at (814)865-0068, so they can direct patrons appropriately 


Room reservers are responsible for ensuring Mann Assembly Room is properly cleaned after each event. If food is present, the room reserver must: 

  • wipe all tables with a cloth and cleaning solution 

  • vacuum 

  • remove the trash  


An Outlook organizer manages use of the room (for questions, contact the Dean's Administrative Office). While the Libraries tries to accommodate as many room-use requests as possible, requests may be denied based on the above listed priorities.  

Reservation requests received for groups external to the Libraries will not be approved more than three months in advance. Requests for an evening or weekend event will be considered only if a University Libraries administrator, faculty member or qualified staff member can be present during hours after normal closing time (5:00 p.m.). A key is available at the Paterno Welcome Desk to access the Mann Assembly Room and must be signed out and signed back in by Welcome Desk staff.  

Requests for a meeting time must be received at least forty-eight hours before the event. All room reservations must be made by proposing the event using Outlook and using Paterno 103 Mann Assembly Room (Paterno Library E103) as the location. The invitation should include the following information in the Comments or Agenda section: 

  • purpose of the activity, 

  • sponsoring department and how many people are expected to attend, 

  • indicate the University Libraries contact person responsible for arrangements, set-up and clean-up, 

  • room configuration setup. 


Foster Auditorium (only reservable through a Libraries’ faculty sponsor) 


Advertising for Libraries-sponsored events:  

  • All advertising for Libraries-sponsored events must be coordinated by the scheduling Libraries contact, well in advance (at minimum, two weeks in advance), with PRaM; best practice is to contact PRaM at least two (2) months in advance via its intranet Request a Marketing Project form on the University Libraries Staff Site.  

  • Contact PRaM directly.

  • The host of the event is responsible for listing any public-facing event in the University Libraries master calendar in 25Live. (Instructions are available to Libraries employees on the Libraries Staff Site.) Event information (title, date, time) provided through the 25Live reservation form will display on Libraries digital screens at Pattee Library and Paterno Library’s Curtin Road entrance near Foster Auditorium and the Collaboration Commons entrance. Upcoming events are listed in chronological order. 

Instruction events: 

  • One 8.5'' x 11'' sign, listing the course number, professor, name, room, and times may be posted in acrylic sign holders at the East Entrance Welcome Desk (sign holder is kept at the desk). Signs taped to the doors of Mann will be removed. 

Note: Posters that do not fit the criteria will be removed by Libraries staff. Any damages to University Libraries property will be charged to room reservers, and ability to reserve the room will be taken away. 


Effective Date: August 2004
Date Approved: August 27, 2004 (Dean)

Revision History (and effective dates):

  • June 2022 - Revised Guideline
  • February 2019 – Revised Guideline
  • October 2015 – Revised Guideline
  • June 2015 – Revised guideline 
  • August 27, 2004 – Revised guideline
  • July 2003 – Revised guideline
  • June 2000 – New guideline

Last Review Date:  June 2022