Policy UL-AD22 Key and Electronic Key Card Access (University Park)

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To state the University Libraries’ procedures on the issuance of keys, electronic card access, and the responsibility of the key holder. [Note: All policies from the University’s Policy Manual apply. See AD68 (was SY19) and SY2001 (staff only).]


The term “University Key” in this policy refers to a key or electronic key card that allows access to or within a building or room that is under the control of the University Libraries. Keys to other items of University property (i.e., desks, file cabinets, etc.) are to be controlled by the employee’s unit, but are not to be considered “University Keys” as used in this policy.

A building or room access key can be issued to Libraries’ full-time, fixed-term, or non-student hourly employees when access to the facilities is required but cannot be achieved during normal operating hours and/or following established locking and unlocking procedures. The possession of a key does not extend permission of access beyond the assigned area or times.

The issuance and tracking of all University keys will be administered through cooperative efforts between the Department of University Safety and the appointed Facilities Coordinator of the University Libraries. Each University Key will be controlled through a systematic inventory system maintained by the Facilities Coordinator.


When a Libraries’ employee requires specific access to a Libraries’ facility, the employee’s supervisor will make a written request to the Facilities Coordinator for the employee to be issued proper key(s) and/or electronic card key access. After satisfactory review, the Facilities Coordinator will complete the Facility Access Authorization Request (staff only).

At the time of issue, the individual receiving the key(s) will: (1) initial the Key/Clearance Issuance Form, acknowledging receipt of the key(s), and (2) review the notes on the Form, and sign and date it acknowledging review and understanding of responsibility.

The Facilities Coordinator will retain the signed copy of the Issuance Form on file, and will provide a copy of the form to the key holder and to the department requesting the issue. The key inventory control system will also be updated to reflect the issuance. (The engraved key ID Number must be indicated on all forms.)


The key holder will immediately report any lost key(s) to the Facilities Coordinator and immediate supervisor. The Facilities Coordinator will inform the Department of University Safety and identify the keys as reported lost on the Key Issuance Form, in the key inventory control system, and also in writing to the University Key Controller.

Note: The Facilities Coordinator, Department of University Safety, and responsible budget executive will assess the vulnerability of area(s) accessed by the lost key and determine whether re-coring and keying is needed.

Lost Key Fees:

At the time of issuance, the key holder will be advised, that there is a nonrefundable, mandatory “Lost Key Fee” of $20 charged for each key lost whether or not a new key is issued. The key holder will also be advised that, if deemed necessary, he/she will also be charged the cost of re-coring and keying for the areas accessed by the lost key(s).

The key holder will pay the fee before the replacement key is issued. The Libraries’ Business Office will acknowledge receipt of the replacement fee payment via standard University operating procedures.

Replacing Lost Keys:

When a key is determined to be unrecoverable, the Facilities Coordinator and key holder will follow the steps previously described in the “Requesting and Issuing University Keys” section of this policy for obtaining a replacement key. A copy of the receipt of payment for the lost key fines must be shown to the Facilities Coordinator when issuing the new key(s). The receipt number will be recorded on the individual’s Key/Clearance Issuance Form and the key holder will sign and date the form, acknowledging receipt of the identified key(s).

In those cases where a lost key may be recoverable, the Facilities Coordinator may wait up to fourteen (14) days before issuing the replacement key. A randomly numbered key from the Facilities Coordinator’s reserve supply (if available) may be issued on a temporary basis, if the key holder needs the key to carry out his/her job responsibilities. If the key is not found during the waiting period, the procedure for obtaining the replacement key will be initiated.

Lost keys that are found after the replacement key has been issued must be immediately returned to the Department of University Safety. There is no refund for replacement fees paid.


Upon termination of employment in the Libraries, or transfer of duties from one work area to another within the Libraries, all keys must be returned to the Facilities Coordinator.  Upon termination with the Libraries, failure to return keys may result in the payment for the cost of key replacement and possible re-coring of the facility. 


At least once a semester/session, the Facilities Coordinator will review the status of all University keys issued to verify that the key holders remain currently affiliated with the department that approved the key(s) to be issued. If a key holder is no longer affiliated with that department, the Facilities Coordinator will attempt to recover the key(s). Whenever the key(s) cannot be recovered, appropriate avenues of collection of replacement/re coring fee will be instituted.

Effective Date: February 1, 2010
Date Approved: February 1, 2010 (Dean's Library Council)

Revision History (and effective dates):

  • September 7, 2021 - Revised language to "non-student hourly employees."
  • February 1, 2010 – New policy

Last Review Date:  February 2010