Policy UL-AD16 Committee and Task Force Minutes

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To state the University Libraries’ position on staff assistants attending meetings of committees and task forces for the purpose of taking notes and preparing minutes.


It has been the general practice of the University Libraries to have staff assistants and/or administrative assistants attend administrative and/or department committee and task force meetings for the purpose of note taking.  In recent years that practice has burgeoned out of control and due to shrinking budgets and increasing demands on staff time, it will be necessary for committees and task forces to take on this responsibility among the membership.


All Libraries’ committees and task forces will follow these guidelines:

  1. Note taking will be completed by committee or task force members.  It is the assumption that each member will take a turn starting in alphabetical order or in whatever manner the chair deems appropriate.
  2. Minutes, if needed by the committee or task force, will be a recording of “action” items only.
  3. Minutes will be prepared in final form by the staff member assigned to the department/administrative area to which the committee or task force reports. 
  4. Final copies of minutes will be distributed by the appropriate staff member either in paper form to appropriate individuals or by posting to the committee or task force Web site.  Meeting minutes should reside on the Intranet.  The Web URL may be announced via “Monday Messages.”  A copy must also be sent to the attention of the University Archives, 104 Paterno Library.


The following groups are exempted from this policy and staff assistants and/or administrative assistants will continue to provide support:

  • Dean’s Library Council
  • Senate Libraries Committee
  • Library Faculty Organization (written notes must be shared with the secretary)
  • Department Meetings (where the staff assistants attendance is relevant to his/her position and all members of the department attend)

Additional exceptions may be granted by the applicable Assistant or Associate Dean.

Effective Date: November 14, 2005
Date Approved: November 14, 2005 (Dean's Library Council)

Revision History (and effective dates):

  • August 2007 – Editorial
  • November 14, 2005 – New policy

Last Review Date:  November 2009