Policy UL-AD04 Code of Conduct

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The University Libraries Code of Conduct is intended to encourage behaviors within the Library that reflect and uphold Penn State Values of Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Discovery, Excellence and Community, as well as the Libraries Strategic Plan Foundational Values of Equity of Access, Diversity and Inclusion, Ethics and Integrity, Sustainability and Empathy. In drafting the Code of Conduct, we recognize that all library users are our partners in supporting these values.  


The University Libraries supports and upholds all University policies that guide behavior on the campuses including the University Code of Conduct and the Academic Integrity Policy. The University Libraries Code of Conduct identifies those areas of specific importance to the Libraries and should be reviewed annually and updated as needed by library supervisory teams and administration.   


The Penn State University Libraries is dedicated to providing the University, our local community and visitors with a safe, welcoming environment in which research, scholarship and creativity can flourish. To help maintain this environment, we ask all library users to: 

  • Treat all library users and staff with civility and respect. 
  • Keep your library safe. Let us know about any potentially unsafe situation. Respond appropriately to alarms and to staff who are helping to keep you and the library safe.  

  • Help keep your library clean. Use the appropriate trash, recycling and compost bins available throughout the library. 

  • Use library collections, equipment and spaces in accordance with library polices and help us preserve them for future use. 

  • Use our collections with respect for copyright law, including fair use. If you’re not sure, ask us. 

  • Show consideration for those around you if viewing content that some may find offensive. 

  • Talk on your cell phone or other mobile device outside the library or in spaces where others won’t be disturbed. 

  • Keep your belongings secure by not leaving them unattended. 

  • Be mindful of your surroundings.  The libraries provides spaces for both individual and group work, as well as many flexible-use spaces. Choose a space appropriate to your needs and be respectful of the needs of others. 

  • Bring only trained service animals to the library. Staff may ask if an animal is needed due to a disability and what tasks the animal is trained to perform. 


Other Policies in this manual should also be referenced, especially the following:

UL-AD01 – Patron Use of Computer Software
UL-AD07 – Use of Public Access Workstations

Effective Date: January 18, 2002
Date Approved: January 18, 2002 (Dean’s Library Council; University Legal Counsel)

Revision History (and effective dates):

  • June 2018 – Revised to reflect current practice
  • January 1, 2002 – Supersedes January 1993 policy
  • January 1993 – New policy

Last Review Date:  June 2018