Policy UL-AD03 Library Faculty/Staff Only Training Facility (1 Paterno)

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  • Purpose
  • Facility Information
  • Instructor Responsibilities
  • Restrictions


To state the University Libraries' policies and procedures concerning the use of the Training Lab in 1 Paterno.


  • Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.
  • Size: The facility is set up to accommodate 8 participants, plus the instructor.
  • Hardware: Includes 1 computer with dual monitors, mouse and keyboard at podium and 8 computers, each with a mouse and keyboard.
  • Image:  The UL Staff image is on each of the 9 machines.
  • Software: Includes Libraries provided standard software.  Additional nonstandard software applications will need to be loaded (per license agreements) by I-Tech or DLT staff who have administrative privileges well in advance of the day it is needed.  Call I Tech at 865-2378 with questions about the loading of additional software.
  • Telephone:  One 7940 CISCO speaker phone.
  • Other Equipment: One white board, one smart board, and one overhead projection system.
  • Scheduling: Schedule the facility via the online calendar by inviting the room as a guest.  Classroom proposals will be monitored and accepted/rejected by the I-Tech calendar administrator.
    • Verify availability of lab and request at least one week in advance any setup needed for a class.
    • Schedule extra time on the calendar for practice, setup or after class Q&A time. 
    • Remove from the calendar any session that has been cancelled or moved.  Monitor and observe safety regulations.


  • The instructor should enter through the main I-Tech entrance well before the scheduled class start time.
  • The instructor will ensure that lab equipment is operated properly and will report equipment failures to I-Tech.
  • The instructor will adhere to University Computer and Network Security policies (AD20) and (AD23).


  • This facility is used for hands on staff training and presentation/lectures only.
  • It is designed exclusively for training and not available to schedule as a meeting room.
  • This room is not scheduled for instruction to the University community at large.

Effective Date: August 1, 2005

Revision History (and effective dates):

  • August 2010 – Editorial
  • August 2007 – Editorial
  • August 2005 – Supersedes "Library Faculty/Staff Only Instructional Lab (513 Paterno)"
  • December 1998 – Supersedes "Scheduling of Group Instruction Room (Tower Room) and Training Lab"
  • November 1991 – New policy (Approved by Libraries Academic Council)

Last Review Date:  August 2010