Guideline UL-ACG12 Supplemental Support Materials Accompanying Dossiers (Formerly UL-HRG12)

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  • The Scholarship of Librarianship

  • The Scholarship of Research and Creative Accomplishments

  • The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

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The dossier is the fundamental document for promotion and tenure reviews of University Libraries’ faculty.  Candidates for promotion or tenure may submit supplemental support materials to amplify specific components of the dossier.  Supplemental support materials should provide substantial insight into a candidate’s accomplishments.  It is the responsibility of the candidate to supply these supplemental materials to the Dean’s office. Candidates who would like to include in a supplemental file a type of document not described below should consult with their department head or associate dean, who will explore with the candidates the best options for documenting their contributions.


While the narrative statement and a brief statement of the faculty member’s core responsibilities highlight the faculty member’s unique role within the University Libraries, the candidate may wish to provide additional materials to further understanding of these roles. Examples of supplemental materials, including those relating to non-credit course-related instruction, may include:

  • grant applications;
  • major reports and planning documents;
  • selected examples of handouts used in course-related instruction
  • selected assignments developed with or on behalf of a course instructor for a course-related session
  • statement of teaching philosophy


The candidate shall provide a copy of a representative selection of works cited in the research section of the dossier, for the convenience of the reviewers.  Examples of supplemental materials may include:

  • publications, such as books, chapters, and articles, and manuscripts in any format accepted for publication;
  • published reviews of the candidate’s work, e.g. book reviews, exhibit reviews; and
  • papers presented at professional or scholarly conferences, and papers accepted for presentation at forthcoming conferences.

Candidates for tenure or promotion to Associate Librarian are encouraged to provide a representative collection of materials.  Candidates for promotion to Librarian who have a substantial record of publication should be selective in their provision of materials, emphasizing those most important and recent.


Teaching of credit-bearing resident education or online education courses is documented under the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, as are formal advising responsibilities, direction of undergraduate honors theses and graduate theses, and service on graduate committees. (See UL-HRG07 Promotion and Tenure Criteria.)

Letters of Peer Review of Credit Teaching are filed in the dossier under the bullet for “Faculty input” on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning divider sheet and are not included in a supplemental file.

Student evaluations of credit teaching are standardized university-wide via the SRTE.  The SRTE summary is filed in the dossier under the bullet for “Concise compilation of results of student evaluation” on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning divider sheet rather than in a supplemental file.

Supplemental materials supporting credit teaching may include:

  • syllabi;
  • selected assignments;
  • selected examples of handouts used in credit teaching; and
  • statement of teaching philosophy


  • DO include a representative sample of your substantive publications and presentations.
  • DO forward communications you receive from faculty or students that contain evaluative statements about your librarianship to the administrator responsible for soliciting your peer evaluations.
  • DON’T include screenshots or PDF versions of websites, unless you intend to share a website that is no longer active or a snapshot of a project at a specific point in time.
  • DON’T include packets of individual student evaluations of your credit teaching or course-related instruction, or samples from such packets.
  • DON’T include communications you have received (such as letters and email messages) from faculty or students.


Effective Date: July 2005
Date Approved: March 2005 (Dean)

Revision History (and effective dates):

  • February 2018 - Categorization changed from UL-HRG to UL-ACG to reflect new PSU Academic Policy classification
  • April 26, 2016 - Revised to reflect legislation passed by the Library Faculty Organization  
  • August 2007 - Revised; Instructional Programs changed to Library Learning Services
  • July 1, 2005 - New guideline

Last Review Date:  April 2017