Patent Search Resources

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A preliminary patent search using Web resources can be done to a degree. The basic complement of tools is available at the USPTO Web site. This tutorial is designed to give searchers a solid process for accomplishing such a task.

Additional resources are available in Patent & Trademark Resource Centers (PTRCs), such as the Physical and Mathematical Sciences Library at Penn State. These resources include:

  • Staff trained to help you understand how to use patent search tools
  • An online patent research guide which lists other internet resources for patent research
  • A complete collection of patents on DVD-ROM, for downloading large numbers of patents at once
  • Related patent, business, scientific, technical, and legal information, including books and other materials. Some for use in the library only and some available to be checked out.

Please note: Librarians and library staff are familiar with patent search resources and can demonstrate the use of computerized databases and other resources for searching. We are not trained or licensed legal professionals. This means that we are not able to advise you regarding any legal matters, including whether or not your invention is patentable, nor can we provide legal assistance for you. A database of registered patent attorneys is available on the USPTO Web site.