Strategic Planning & Initiatives

University Libraries Strategic Plan

The University Libraries Strategic Plan is committed to the following foundational values in implementing the strategic plan: equity of access, diversity and inclusion, ethics and integrity, sustainability, and empathy.

The strategic plan is divided into three programmatic areas: Discovery, Access, and Preservation, Teaching and Learning, and Advancing University Research.

Strategic Action Plans

In November 2015, the process for creating an action planning cycle was developed at a faculty retreat as well as an expanded Strategic Plan Steering Committee. The 2016-2017 Action Plan was developed at a retreat of the expanded Strategic Plan Steering Committee based on the implementation reports submitted by three Strategic Plan Working Groups aligned with the three programmatic areas of the UL Strategic Plan:

  • Advancing University Research
  • Discovery, Access, and Preservation
  • Teaching and Learning

Annual Action Plans

Action Planning Process and Communication Strategy

The Strategic Plan Steering Committee established a communication strategy to keep stakeholders updated on the progress made on each action item and to continue to involve UL faculty and staff in advancing the strategic plan. Each quarter, the status of each action item is updated. To continue to advance the strategic plan, an action plan will be completed during the early part of each spring semester. In the fall of each year, a small group will be charged to gather feedback on the current action items and to brainstorm additional action items for the upcoming action plan.

Strategic Plan Steering Committee

  • Chris Avery
  • Kimlyn Patishnock
  • Karen Estlund
  • Anne Langley
  • Joe Salem
  • Diane Zabel (Chair, Strategic Plan Working Group for Advancing University Research)
  • Matt Ciszek (Chair, Strategic Plan Working Group for Discovery, Access, and Preservation)
  • Jennifer Gilley (Chair, Strategic Plan Working Group for Teaching and Learning)
  • Sheila Sager (Dean’s Staff Advisory Council Representative, January 2016 -December 2016)
  • Lana Munip (Diversity Committee Staff Representative, January 2016 -December 2016)
  • Rob Olendorf (Library Faculty Organization Representative, January 2016 -June 2017)

Penn State Press Strategic Plan

Penn State Press Strategic Plan 2014-2017

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