Media and Technology Support Services at Wagner Annex

Media and Technology Support Services, located in the Wagner Annex, provides equipment loans and technology services.

Please visit the Patron Portal to review our current equipment and to create or cancel reservations.

Services for Faculty and Staff: ​Video recording class presentations, Media Site Live, as well as design, installation, and repair of technology equipment in classrooms



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Department Contact Information

Wagner Annex

David Bagley

Head Media and Technology Support Services

Media and Technology Support Services at Wagner Annex Staff

Name Title Email Office Phone
Anirudh Achariya Part-Time Staff (Student) 814-865-5400
Monioluwa Adeyemo Part-Time Staff (Student) 814-865-5400
John Armstrong AV Technician Campus 814-865-7294
David Bagley Head Media and Technology Support Services 814-863-0665
Dylan Bathurst Part-Time Staff (Student) 814-865-5400
Daniel Brenkert Part-Time Staff (Student) 814-865-5400
Dennis Breon Assistant Manager for Media Technology and Support Services 814-865-7324
John Carden Part-Time Staff (Student) 814-865-5400
Barry Carolus AV Technician Campus 814-865-2784
Rachelle A Eisenhower Administrative Support Coordinator 814-863-4396
Ty Emel AV Technician A 814-865-5400
Ellsworth Fessler AV Technician A 814-865-7362
Emily Fessler Part-Time Staff (Student) 814-865-5400
Aman Gola Part-Time Staff (Student) 814-865-5400
Devon Greene Part-Time Staff (Student) 814-865-5400
Ralph Homan AV Technician Campus 814-865-7294
Nathaniel Hoover Part-Time Staff (Student) 814-865-5400
Bill Hughes AV Repair Technician 814-867-1518
David Hutchinson AV Technician Campus 814-865-2784
Jeffrey Jenkins Electronic Technician A 814-865-7295
Jessie Jenkins Part-Time Staff (Student) 814-865-5400
Lee S. Karchner Electronic Technician A 814-865-7298
Sabharish Kathiresan Part-Time Staff (Student) 814-865-5400
Patrick Kelly AV Technician A 814-865-7296
Jon Leslie AV Technician A 814-865-7362
Roy Morris AV Technician A 814-865-7362
Jef Nelson Operations and Distribution Technician 814-865-0291
Chris Opall Classroom Equipment Technician 814-865-2788
Michael Pazmino AV Technician A 814-865-5400
Robert Ponish Electronic Technician A 814-867-1517
Srivattsan Ramesh Part-Time Staff (Student) 814-865-5400
Robert Resides Electronic Technician A 814-865-7313
Jeffrey Schomer AV Technician A 814-863-8505
Faizan Siddiquie Part-Time Staff (Student) 814-865-5400
Laurie West-Jenkins AV Technician Campus 814-865-2784
Justin Wilkinson AV Technician A 814-865-7362
Forrest Williams Part-Time Staff (Student) 814-865-5400
Travis Young AV Technician A 814-865-7296