Library Search Roadmap

The Penn State University Libraries is exploring new ways to search for articles, books, and more.

What We've Done: LionSearch / Home Page Search (2018-2019)

Our front page search box combines results from several major sources of library materials and highlights our most-used material types. We are not replacing LionSearch, which you can still use to dig deeper into our subscriptions to electronic materials. Try its advanced search page to search on specific fields and limit your results by publication dates, disciplines, material types, and more.

  • Search articles, library catalog, news, and the website in one place.
  • Search results highlight databases where you may search for more results related to your topic.
  • Search results include library experts who may assist with your project or research.
  • Search results show library guides which provide tips for search and direct you to more places to search.
  • Messages for searches without results provide paths to additional places you may find and request materials.

What We've Done: Catalog (2019-2021)

Our new library Catalog uses the same data as our legacy CAT but with improvements to display, additional methods to search, and facet results. See our search tips to learn more about how you can use Boolean and other techniques to make complex searches. Some highlights:

  • Toggle to view availability and place hold requests from search results
  • Limit search results by time period, library/location, or material type
  • Supports standard browser actions like back button, reload, bookmark
  • Sessions no longer time out and records/searches are permalinks you can easily share
  • Improved accessibility and mobile display

What We've Done: Design and Content Enhancements (2018-2021)

A few ways we're enhancing or redesigning existing systems:

  • Direct links to article PDFs incorporated into LionSearch
  • Facet results on "Open Access" in Lionsearch
  • New look and feel for our Interlibrary Loan module makes it easier to use on your computer and phone.
  • "Get It!" page also includes link to Open Access copies if they're available

What's Up Next: Current and Upcoming Work (2021-)

  • Call number browse for the Catalog
  • Author and subject browse for the Catalog
  • New public user iterface to search for and request materials in our Eberly Family Special Collections Library and archives
  • Streamlined "I Want It" requests.

What Do You Think?

What can we do to make the new search work better for you? Tell us what you like or what you wish were different using our feedback form or contact the product owner below:

Ruth Kitchin Tillman
Product Owner for Discovery
Sally W. Kalin Librarian for Technological Innovations (Assistant Librarian)