Library Search Roadmap

The Penn State University Libraries is developing new ways to search for articles, books, and more. Our new results page combines several ways you can currently search for library materials and highlights our most-used material types. We are not replacing LionSearch and The CAT at this time, although our roadmap includes designing a new display and search interface for The CAT.

What We’ve Done

  • Search articles, library catalog, news, and the website in one place.
  • Search results highlight databases where you may search for more results related to your topic.
  • Search results include library experts who may assist with your project or research.
  • Search results show library guides which provide tips for search and direct you to more places to search.
  • Messages for searches without results provide paths to additional places you may find and request materials.

What’s Up Next

  • Complete redesign of The CAT including:
    • Limit search results by material type, library location, and more.
    • Browse books by shelf location across multiple libraries.
    • Simple links to catalog records and bookmarking.
    • Support browser actions including Back and Reload page.
    • Improved Accessibility
  • Search results page includes results from the special collections library and archives.
  • Streamlined “Get It!,” “I Want It,” and “Request” makes getting materials easier.

What You Think

What can we do to make the new search work better for you? Tell us what you like or what you wish were different using our feedback form or contact the product owner below:


Ruth Kitchin Tillman
Product Owner for Discovery
Cataloging Systems and Linked Data Strategist (Assistant Librarian)