Libraries 2020 FAQ

What benefits will students and other users of the library see upon completion of the project?

Pattee and Paterno Library users will have a greater number of study and collaboration spaces, an enlarged cafe with more seating, better navigation between the West and Central sections of Pattee Library, and enhanced spaces for library learning and digital scholarship services.


What is the timeline for this project?

Planning for Libraries 2020 has been underway for two years. It is anticipated that construction will begin in March 2018 with completion scheduled for the beginning of Fall semester 2019. Refer to the Key Dates section of each project for more detailed timeline information.


What spaces and services will be impacted and when?

Watch the Renovation Updates and Alerts sections on the Libraries 2020 website for information on space and service closures and disruptions. We will also use social media to provide updates each time a new area or service is affected.


What inconveniences will library visitors experience?

Users may experience some loud, widespread noise such as the excavation of the current atrium. Every effort will be made to do disruptive and loud work during periods of low usage. Users may also experience intermittent noise, dust, localized utility shutoffs, localized space closures, and other disruptions.

The Libraries will make every effort to provide directional and informational signs as needed and will provide updates via the web and social media to alert users to closures, rerouting of materials, relocation of services, etc.


Will we need to change the way we enter Pattee and Paterno Library?

The West Pattee entrance closed in May 2018 and will remain closed until the completion of the project in August 2019. The Central Entrance and the East Entrance will remain open.


Will the renovation be LEED certified?

LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, provides a framework that project teams can apply to create highly efficient and environmentally friendly buildings or renovations. Libraries 2020 will be certified at the LEED v4 BD+C: New Construction and major Renovation level.


What sound mitigation strategies will be utilized in the new, open spaces and offices?

Sound mitigation is always a concern. Sound can be controlled through material selection, soft seating (for sound absorption), use of carpet, sound walls placed to impeded the path of sound, and ceiling treatments that will allow little or no reverberation of the sounds. The project team is working with a sound consultant (Sextant) who will play a large part in the design of the sound mitigation.