Worthington Scranton Campus Library, Penn State Worthington Scranton Staff

Library Contact Information

Name Title Email Office Phone
Ryan Choa Part-Time Staff (Student) rmc5805@psu.edu 570-963-2630
Christopher Davis Part-Time Staff (Student) cmd5884@psu.edu 570-963-2630
Bryan Gallagher Part-Time Staff (Student) bmg5450@psu.edu 570-963-2630
Kristin Green Reference and Instruction Librarian keg28@psu.edu 570-963-2633
Mary Ann Joyce Information Resources and Services Support Specialist mpj3@psu.edu 570-963-2634
Natalie Kulick Information Resources and Services Support Specialist ndk6@psu.edu 570-963-2630
Gabrielle Molloy Part-Time Staff (Student) gqm5239@psu.edu 570-963-2630
Jainit Patel Part-Time Staff (Student) jhp5156@psu.edu 570-963-2630
Shivani Patel Part-Time Staff (Student) ssp5268@psu.edu 570-963-2630
Magdalene Sam-Kish Part-Time Staff (Student) mns5341@psu.edu 570-963-2630
Joseph Walsh Part Time Staff jgw15@psu.edu 570-963-2630
Carol Wilkerson Part Time Staff cew54@psu.edu 570-963-2630