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De-Stress Fest

Welcome to De-Stress Fest Online April 26 - May 7

De-Stress Fest

With the Spring semester coming to a swift close, you may find yourself in need of relaxation. Finals are always a daunting endeavor, but the University Libraries has gathered a few resources to help out. Whether you are in need of a workout, a socially distanced virtual activity, or a new hobby, we have gathered a long list of ways to de-stress. Check out our list of websites as well as some homegrown videos showcasing the talents of our own faculty and staff. 

Curated Links

  • Ready for an online escape room you can experience with a friend? Check out Alone Together 

  • Check out Chatter Pack for some awesome links so that you can explore Venice, check out top art galleries, watch a puppy playroom or hang out with wild dolphins in the Bahamas.
  • Have you always wanted to crochet but never took the time? Check out this easy tutorial for absolute beginners. In only 8 minutes, get the basics of everything you need to know. If you start now, you could have a blanket finished by October. Or at least a scarf.

If crochet isn't your thing, try knitting. Grab some yarn and needles with these videos that show: 

If you need to zen out with some crayons, check out these sites for free coloring pages:

Need to get moving? How about some gentle yoga? Or if you're feeling particularly motivated, check out Fightmaster Yoga workouts:

Need some mindless puzzle time? Jigsaw Planet is for you!

Never underestimate the therapeutic power of an old-fashioned paper airplane – or maybe not so old-fashioned after all. Grab a blank piece of paper – or maybe that out-of-date syllabus – and check out the designs at 

Headspace meditation app: We’re here for you - Headspace 

San Diego Zoo live cams: 

Do Nothing for 2 minutes: Do Nothing for 2 Minutes 

Virtual boardgames: Virtual Tabletop 

Free rice: Freerice 

Libraries' Originals

Listen to Ellysa Cahoy, Education and Behavioral Sciences Librarian and Assistant Director Pennsylvania Center for the Book, read Truman by Jean Reidy.

How about a Chair Yoga Break? Pembroke Childs, one of our Lending Services stars, has advice on working in some stretches and movement during those long study marathons. 

​Leah Oakes, Special Collections cataloger, is an artistic wizard and has created two amazing videos to help you get started drawing with just a pencil, paper, a ruler and eraser.  Part 1    Part 2

Hailley Fargo, Student Engagement and Outreach Coordinator, is a woman of many talents. She's chosen two to share with you!

  • How to Make a Zine - Make your own tiny publication about ANYTHING with whatever art tools you have at home. Watch until the end for a way to share your work so that it becomes part of the Libraries' Archives. 
  • Embroidery -  Snag a kit off Amazon or Etsy and let Hailley show you how to get started. 

Puzzle time! Check out this gem from the Penn State archives: Greg Stock Blue Band Drum Major circa 1982-86: Eberly Family Special Collections Library, Photographic Vertical Files.

Penn State Health and Wellness

Check out this Libraries-created guide  to Personal Health and Mental Wellness – whether you’re researching the subject for a paper or yourself.

Penn State Health Promotion and Wellness has these resources for you to deal with not only COVID 19, but all sorts of health and wellness needs.

How about some yoga and meditation. Classes are Monday and Wednesdays from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. on Zoom.

Campus Recreation | Fitness & Wellness Videos - YouTube (Campus Recreation Fitness and Wellness videos) 

Campus Recreation | Yoga & Meditation - YouTube (Campus recreation yoga and meditation videos) 

Search Programs - Penn State Campus Recreation (group exercise signups for UP) 

Don't forget!

Even if you can’t make it in to your Library location, there are lots of online resources available to you. Be sure to check out our COVID-19 Updates page  for help navigating it all!  We at the University Libraries wish you the best of luck as you say goodbye to the spring semester. Have a fantastic summer and let’s all look forward to a better Fall 2021 semester!