Tax Notes

VPN information for remote users.For the initial sign-in, users need to be within University’s IP range. Please follow these steps:1) Please go to, and click SIGN IN at the top left. 2) In the username field, please enter your University e-mail address. Click Next. 3) On the next screen, please click on the blue “Register Here” link. 4) You’ll be taken to a Profile page. Enter your name and Universitye-mail address. 5) Choose a password and enter it. 6) When you’ve finished the Profile, click SAVE CHANGES. 7) You’ll go to the Tax Notes webpage, where you can sign in with your username (your University e-mail address) and the password you chose. Tax Notes includes access to daily news, analysis and commentary on tax related court opinions, legislative actions, and revenue rulings. Coverage includes Federal, State and International content.