SimplyAnalytics enables non-technical users to quickly create professional quality thematic maps and reports using extensive demographic data (ie. census, consumer expenditure data) including estimates and projections, business data from D&B and the County Business Patterns Survey (CBP) and marketing data from EASI/MRI and Claritas PRIZM segments. SimplyAnlytics turns complex data into valuable information that is easily accessed through an innovative and user-friendly interface. Data is available at the State, Congressional District, County, City, ZIP Code, Census Tract and Block Group level in addition to custom trade area and can be exported as images, shapefiles or in tabular formats. Authorized PSU users must "Sign in as a guest" if they do not wish to register for a personal account. Personal accounts save your preferences, reports, and maps.

Formerly known as "SimplyMap."

Special Access Notes

Limited to  3 concurrent users.