SNL Technology, Media & Telecommunications (formerly SNL Kagan Unlimited)

NOTE: First-time users will need to create an individual account with SNL Kagan (no cost for Penn State users).-Daily financial data for SEC-filing media companies (wireline, wireless, cable, satellite, broadcasting, content, distribution, publishing, advertising, and new media);-SNL Kagan analytical studies, data sets, and newsletters;-Asset-level detail for wireless licenses and markets and wireline regulatory/ARMIS data;-Channel lineups, provider footprints, and subscriber estimates in the U.S., as well as multichannel package information for the top U.S. operators;-Research on Pay-TV and IPTV subscribers, infrastructure equipment, delivery devices, forecasts, and semiconductors and software for multimedia-enabled consumer electronics devices;-Research on the Over-the-Top (OTT) Industry and home networking; and-Research on the discovery, acquisition, and consumption of digital multiscreen entertainment over connected consumer electronics devices. SNL recommends Chrome.

Special Access Notes

SNL recommends Chrome.