Papers of Amiri Baraka, Poet Laureate of the Black Power Movement

This collection of Amiri Baraka materials was made available by Dr. Komozi Woodard. Dr. Woodard collected these documents during his career as an activist in Newark, New Jersey. The collection consists of rare works of poetry, organizational records, print publications, over one hundred articles, poems, plays, and speeches by Baraka, a small amount of personal correspondence, and oral histories. The collection has been arranged into eighteen series. These series are: Black Arts Movement; Black Nationalism; Correspondence; Newark (New Jersey); Congress of African People; National Black Conferences and National Black Assembly; Black Women’s United Front; Student Organization for Black Unity; African Liberation Support Committee; Revolutionary Communist League; African Socialism; Black Marxists; National Black United Front; Miscellaneous Materials, 1978-1988; Serial Publications; Oral Histories; Woodard’s Office Files.