Statistical Insight - PSU access expires on 6/30/2021.

Statistical Universe is a powerful index to statistics and data contained in federal agency government publications. It duplicates all American Statistics Index (ASI) abstract and index records (with monthly updates). In addition, it also links to 800 full-text documents published since 1994 and stored on LEXIS®-NEXIS®, and links to 2,000 publications on federal agency Web sites. The University Library owns most of these collections in paper or microfiche format that do not contain full-text links. ASK for assistance locating information at any University Library Service Desk. The abstracts of all publications covered by ASI in 1996-97 include active links to agency Web sites where the full-texts can be accessed. The primary purpose of these links is to supplement the coverage of Statistical Universe as its full-text coverage expands. The links also enable users to explore an agency's Web site.

Formerly known as "LexisNexis."

Subjects covered by this database: