Teaching and

The University Libraries provides leadership in the promotion of critical thinking, supporting curricular and lifelong learning at all academic levels. We teach students, faculty, staff, and community members how to discover, evaluate, engage, organize and create information. We deliver integrated, innovative instruction in resident and online classes, via online learning objects, and through one-on-one interactions. We promote and support flexible modes of learning, responding to shifts toward active learning in higher education and anticipating rapid growth of Penn State’s online education program.

Student wearing a blue and white striped shirt working with an exoskeleton anatomical model in a classroom setting

Goal 5

The University Libraries will intentionally work to strengthen our reference and instructional services in online and residential education, increasing our flexibility, agility, and ability to support engaged, critical, and informed learners through multiple forms of instruction to enhance student success across the University.


  • Work with key partners to integrate information literacy and critical thinking competencies strategically into the Penn State learning experience.
  • Provide the Penn State community cohesive learning opportunities regardless of location, mode, or means of interaction by collaborating across library units to build and assess effective University-wide infrastructure for meaningful teaching, learning, and reference initiatives.
  • Promote a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) throughout our teaching practice through strategies including onboarding, training, and sustained professional development.

Goal 6

The Libraries will strengthen our efforts to create impactful, engaging, inclusive, and safe learning environments, both physical and virtual, that support and facilitate all learners across all disciplines, academic levels, and experiences.


  • Work to deliver instruction and reference in such a way that it contributes to a meaningful learning experience, via the mode that is best suited to the need, through collaboration with strategic university partners.
  • Explore emerging and impactful educational technologies that align with University Libraries instruction goals to enhance student learning across Penn State.
  • Enhance physical and virtual spaces across the University Libraries to meet curricular instructional and research needs.