As the Libraries implement this strategic plan, we commit to the Foundational Values below, which describe how we conduct ourselves and how we want to be treated by others. These values serve as a "lens" through which we, with our users, set priorities and make resource allocations.

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Equity of Access

The University Libraries promote the freedom, discovery, openness, and sustained affordability of information.

In our commitment to ensuring equitable access to our resources for all of our users, we will create accessible web pages, research guides, learning objects and other materials. We will select print and electronic materials that are in accessible formats, and we will advocate for accessible databases. We will facilitate and promote open access to our unique resources.

Diversity and Inclusion

The University Libraries are committed to diversity in all of its forms, embracing differences with acceptance and respect.

We will create an environment of respect and inclusion for faculty, staff, students, and members of the Commonwealth. We will provide collections and programs that reflect the diversity of our community and raise cultural awareness. We will ensure equitable access to our facilities, resources and services, and we will improve our workforce by attracting and developing talented faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds.

Ethics and Integrity

The University Libraries operate on a strong foundation of ethical principles and professional integrity.

In our service to the academic community, the citizens of the Commonwealth, and to the students and scholars the world over, we will foster free and open inquiry, provide equity of access, respect intellectual property rights, and protect the privacy of our users. We embrace our role in the stewardship of information for present and future generations, and endeavor to uphold the rights and responsibilities as members of the library profession to ensure that ethics and integrity are at the forefront of our mission to select, organize, preserve, and disseminate knowledge.


The University Libraries support the simultaneous pursuit of human health, happiness, environmental quality, and economic well being for current and future generations.

The University Libraries will advance sustainability through our professional expertise and services. Our provision and preservation of information, support for learning, and our research will further the simultaneous pursuit of human health, happiness, environmental quality, and economic well being for current and future generations. With resources that span the Commonwealth, the Libraries will provide a model for sustainable stewardship of the scholarly record that promotes literacy, solutions, and leadership for our internal and external communities.


The University Libraries have a service orientation that seeks to understand and meet the needs of others.

In our role as service-oriented information professionals, we value an understanding of the unique characteristics of all people and strive for insight into what others are thinking and feeling as we work with them. This helps us understand how users react to our services and enables us to have more thoughtful and respectful interactions.