Discovery, Access,
and Preservation

The University Libraries collect, organize, and ensure long-term, durable access to information in all its forms. Over the past five years we have improved our discovery tools and the accessibility of our collections. Research shows that users highly value the Libraries' role as a collector and buying agent and we will continue to develop robust collections to meet teaching, research, and learning needs. However, many no longer begin their research at the Libraries, either in person or online.  As discovery shifts away from Libraries, we must still ensure that our original and licensed collections can be found anywhere, anytime, on any device, and from any starting point. We also recognize that while discovery may happen elsewhere, preservation must begin at home, and the Libraries have taken proactive steps to address preservation, both physical and digital. Ensuring discovery, access, and preservation for users around the world will necessitate shifts in how we define and approach collections and long-term preservation.

Student wearing a dark green sweater working on preserving old book pages

Goal 3

The Libraries will improve the discoverability of and access to our collections and open resources to support users across the University's many learning and research environments.


  • Develop interoperable digital infrastructure that brings together existing systems to enable user-centered discovery and access across One Penn State: libraries, units, and campuses.
  • Evaluate and prioritize usability, accessibility, and our users right to the privacy of inquiry when we develop and purchase resources.
  • Design a systematized, collaborative pedagogical and outreach approach to promote awareness of content, resources, and services to Penn State students, faculty, staff, and community.

Goal 4

The Libraries will appropriately steward its collections and other information resources for the benefit of future generations of researchers.


  • Improve access to and stewardship of our diverse collections representing historically underrepresented and marginalized groups through metadata remediation and digitization.
  • Investing resources in the implementation of a program plan for digital preservation and curation of digital information managed by Penn State University Libraries.
  • Build digitization capacity by distributing work across campuses.