World Campus Projects

Library Connection/Digital Badges

Digital badges are microcredentials that recognize learning across all environments. World Campus students can participate in a virtual open house for the library known as the Library Connection. This is a series of digital badges that introduces students to essential library resources and services such as Ask-A-Librarian, LionSearch, Library Resources in Canvas, Academic Integrity, Subject Guides, and Interlibrary Loan. To learn more about this project visit and search for the open group “Virtual Library Orientation.” Closed groups are available for different classes.

Canvas Modules

An easy way to integrate library instruction into Canvas is to add library modules. These cover topics emphasized in the ACRL Information Literacy Framework and help to develop a student’s information literacy. These modules are especially ideal for general education courses that focus on Framework B and C, key literacies and critical and analytical thinking. These modules are available for import into any Canvas course. Contact Victoria Raish at to get an updated list of currently available modules.

Embedded Librarians

There is a librarian role in Canvas that makes it possible for instructors and instructional designers to add librarians to a course. This is especially suited for upper-level undergraduate courses and graduate courses that expect students to conduct research and find quality information on their own. Research has shown that students are not comfortable using library databases and that they value a personal connection to their university. The librarian added to your course will have subject expertise and help students with subject databases and other specialized sources of information. To learn more about the embedded librarian program watch this series of videos produced by the Filippelli Institute for E-education and Outreach.

A Link in Every Syllabus

The library creates several library guides to help students with their research, information seeking, and evaluation skills. A library guide for online students has been created to help World Campus students become more comfortable navigating the library website and learning what services are available to them. A link is hosted on the World Campus Learning Design server and is available to live within any syllabi.

Affordable Educational Resources

University Libraries takes the Penn State’s commitment to Open Educational Resources (OER) very seriously. The OER Task Force has outlined a series of strategies and initiatives to increase affordability for students via the OER website. As part of this, an effort is underway to license E-Books used in World Campus courses. The availability of an E-Book will be listed on the students’ course catalog and available through E-Reserves. A pilot version of the program provided feedback from students that they wanted this initiative adopted by more classes.