Study at the Vairo Library - Brandywine


Equipment to Borrow

Equipment Available to Borrow
Equipment Units Loan Period
360 Camera (Nikon) 3 24 hours
Tablets (ASUS, TOSHIBA) 6 24 hours
Scientific Calculators 21 4 hours
Graphing Calculators 10 4 hours
Canon Vixia camcorder 2 24 hours

Chromebook (Acer)

20 24 hours
Flip cameras 10 24 hours
Gorillopod (flip stands) 6 24 hours
Headphone splitters 5 4 hours
Headphones 20 24 hours
iRig Microphone 1 24 hours
Kindles 5 14 days
Microphone kit 2 24 hours
Nikon Coolpix still camera 2 24 hours
Portable chargers 14 4 hours
Portable green screen 1 24 hours
Samsung HD cameras 2 24 hours
Snowball Microphone 6 24 hours
Sony IC Recorder 5 24 hours
Tripod 3 24 hours

View-Master VR headsets

3 24 hours


Rooms and Spaces

Room Capacity Equipment Location Reserve
Group Study Rooms
Group Study Rooms Policy
Up to 4 D-shaped Mediascape Table
Two Samsung 32" flat-panel displays
Reserve a Group Study Room

Reserve a Group Study Room

One-Button Studio        
Vairo Sound Booth 1 Video recording Media Commons Reserve Media Commons
Room 201B
Room 201C
1 Video editing and recording/Audio recording Media Commons

Reserve Media Commons

Room 201D 1 No computer Media Commons Reserve Media Commons

Scan, Copy, Print

You can print directly to a campus printer from your laptop or from your home computer!

After determining your printing option, print to the Brandywine campus Release Stations by selecting RemotePrinting on PSZ.WIN.PSU.EDU (PC) or RemotePrinting (MAC). Then, log into one of the Release Stations to print your job.

Release Stations locations:

Do not select the color printing option - color printing is not available at Brandywine