Digital Projects and Exhibits

Earth Archives: Stories of Human Impact

To coincide with the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day in April of 1970, this exhibition explores the intersection of the environment, human activity, and the documentary record.

Digital Projects - Earth Archives


Beneath the Surface and Cast in Steel:
Forging the American Industrial Union Movement

This digital project provides researchers unprecedented access to Penn State’s extensive collection of primary sources related to the history of industrial unionism in the United States. 

Digital Projects - Cast in Steel - Father reading to children


International Solidarity:
Highlights from the Ken Lawrence Collection

The exhibition explores the visual culture of political protest in the late 20th-century.

Digital Projects - "Fight Racism" button


Indigenous Roots/Routes

This student-produced digital media project was created as part of the Public Humanities Fellows Program at the Humanities Institute at Penn State and expands on the Indigenous Roots/Routes exhibition, which encompasses a wide swath of history, geographic range, and varied Indigenous people and cultures and explores the processes of social, religious, and political adaptation.

Digital Projects - Indigenous Roots/Routes (Map)


Penn State Education Activism Archive

Using primary sources from Special Collections, students in Professor Steudeman’s Contemporary American Rhetoric: Educational Activism in the United States (CAS 478) class created The Penn State Educational Activism Archive, which aims to complicate and expand our historical knowledge of student and faculty activism at Penn State University.

Digital Projects - White observers surround black protesters on Old Main Lawn, 1968


Celebrating the ADA: The Legacy and Evolution of Disability Rights & Lived Experience at Penn State

A digital exhibition that explores the first 100 years of national disability rights and movements and their impact on the Penn State University community, including resources to proactively learn and influence future efforts.

Digital Projects - Penn State ADA 1990s