News Magazines In the News & Microforms Library

 The following current print news magazines are located in 128 Paterno Library  (near Starbucks).


  • Maclean's
    • Canadian viewpoint
    • Covers news, as well as, other interests from all over the world
    • Published weekly


  • Taiwan Panorama
    • Focuses on modern Taiwan, traditional culture, and overseas reports
    • Published monthly
    • Chinese and English language




  • Der Spiegel
    • Strong emphasis on political coverage, environmental issues, and foreign affairs. 
    • Published weekly
    • German language


  • The Jerusalem Report
    • Covers Israel, the Jewish and Arab worlds
    • Offers critical and hard hitting articles
    • Published bi-weekly


  • L'Espresso
    • Covers national and international news, politics, the economy, the arts, media, culture, and society, including medicine, science, and technology
    • Published weekly
    • Italian language


  • Cambio 16
    • One of Spain's premier publications
    • Liberal and democratic values
    • Published weekly
    • Spanish language


United States

  • The American Prospect
    • Offers liberal political and social commentary 
    • Published monthly
  • The Atlantic Monthly
    • Topics include: news, politics, economics, business and finance, society and culture, and the arts
    • Published 10 issues/year
  • Harper's
    • Wide range of articles written by experts about unlikely topics

      Published monthly
  • The Progressive
    • Offers in-depth reporting and analysis on a multitude of issues, adding a little commentary sprinkled with humor
    • Published monthly
  • Time
    • Covers news, business, science, and entertainment
    • Published weekly
  • New York Times Magazine
    • Offered by the New York Times Company
    • Contains articles that focus on everything from politics to social matters as well as from art to entertainment
  • The Nation
    • Leans to the left
    • Offers editorials and articles about politics, the economy and other issues
    • Published weekly (with exceptions)
  • National Review
    • Conservative news magazine
    • Counters left-wing arguments with editorials and current interest articles
    • Published bi-weekly
  • The New Republic
    • Neutral and balanced weekly
    • Political articles are written before they become mainstream topics
    • Published weekly
  • New York Times Book Review
    • Offered by the New York Times Company
    • Reviews of noteworthy books, short reviews, essays and articles on topics and trends in publishing, literature, culture and the arts


Special Interest

  • Commonweal
    • Covers politics, religion, and the arts -- from a Catholic viewpoint
    • Published bi-weekly
  • The Economist
    • An established standard among news magazines
    • Authoritative information on world politics, global business, finance and economics, science and technology, and the arts 
    • Published weekly
  • Street and Smith's SportsBusiness Journal
    • Covers the business of sports in depth
    • Published weekly