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Khaled Amleh

Associate Professor of Engineering

Amleh, K., Li, H., & Li, T. (2010). Robust channel estimation and detection for single-carrier and multi-carrier block transmission systems. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 59(2), 662-672. 

Amleh, K. (2008). Code and Frequency Synchronization for DS-CDMA Systems: Rectangular and Bandlimited Waveforms. VDM Verlag Dr. Müller.

Amleh, K., Li, H. (2008). Blind channel estimation and interference suppression for single-carrier and multi-carrier block transmision systems. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 57(5), 2779-2791.

Amleh, K., Li, H.B., & Wang, R. (2007, June). Blind channel estimation, and CRB for OFDM with unmodeled interference.  IET Communications, 1(3), 489-495.

Amleh, K., Li, H.B., & Wang, R. (2006, January). Blind code-timing estimation for CDMA systems and bandlimited chip waveforms in multipath fading channels. IEEE Transactions on Communications, 54(1), 141-149.

Amleh, K. & Li, H.B. (2005). Joint estimation of carrier offset and code timing for DS-CDMA with performance analysis.  IEEE Transactions of Wireless Communications, 4(5), 1980-1987.

Amleh, K., Li, H.B., & Wang, R. (2005, August). Joint blind channel estimation and interference suppression with efficient implementation for OFDM systems.  Electronics Letters, 41(16), 915-917.

Amleh, K, Li H.B., & Li, T.  (2004). Blind and training-assisted subspace code-timing estimation for CDMA with bandlimited chip waveforms. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 53(6), 1735-1745.


Somjit Barat

Associate Professor of Business Administration

Barat, S. & Harvey, H. (2015). A benefit-maximation solution to our faculty promotion and tenure process. Journal of Educational Issues, 1(2), 20-34.

Barat, S., Amos, C., Paswan, Audhesh, & Holmes, G. (2013). An exploratory investigation into how socioeconomic attributes influence coupons redeeming intentions. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 20(2), 240. doi: 10.1016/j.jretconser.2013.01.004

Barat, S. & Ye, L. (2012). Effects of Coupons on Consumer Purchase Behavior: A Meta-Analysis. Journal of Marketing Development & Competitiveness, 6 (5), 131-144.

Barat, S. (2011).  A multi-country study exploring relationship of lifestyles to ethnocentrism.  Journal of Transnational Management, 16(2), 62.

Barat, S. (2010). Improving the marketing math skills of marketing undergraduate students through a unique undergraduate marketing math course. Marketing Education Review, 20(1), 47.

Barat, S (2009). Student course perceptions: A perceived-ease-of-use-perceived-usefulness framework. Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education. 15, 35-45.

Barat, S. (2009). A cross country comparative analysis of student's perceptions of the sales profession: A look at U.S., Peru and Guatelmala. Marketing Management Journal, 19(2), 52-63.

Barat, S. (2008). A new model for competitive warfare and sustained advantage. Strategic Change. 17(7-8), 269-280.

Barat, S. & Spillan, J. (2008). Is there a difference between American and Peruvian students’ perception of the sales profession? Journal of International Marketing and Marketing Research. 33(3), 141-163.

Barat, S. (2008). Grocery shopping and coupon usage behavior: The untold story. Saarbrücken : VDM Verlag Dr. Müller.


John Bardi

Instructor in Philosophy

Bardi, J. (2011, January/February).  Plato, Romance, and Self-Inquiry.  Humanist, 71(1), 32-36.


Kevin Boon

Associate Professor of English

Boon, K.A. (2010).  Temporal Cohesion and Disorientation in Slaughterhouse-Five: A Chronicle of Form Cuts and Transitional Devices in the Novel.  Literary Criticism Series Volume on Kurt Vonnegut.  Mustazza, Leonard (ed.) New York : Salem Press.

Boon, K.A. (2008). George Orwell: Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four (Writers and Their Works). New York: Benchmark Books.

Boon, K.A. (2008). The Screenplay, Imagism, and Modern Aesthetics. Literature Film Quarterly, 36(4), 259-271.

Boon, K.A. (2008).  Script culture and the American screenplay. Detroit: Wayne State Univ. Press.

Boon, K.A. (2008). “The Zombie as Other: Mortality and the Monstrous in the Post-Modern Age.” In D. Christie and S.J. Lauro (Eds.), Better Off Dead: The Evolution of the Zombie as Post-Human: The Evolution of the Zombie as Post-Human (pp. 50-60). Fordham University Press.

Boon, K.A. (2007).  Ontological anxiety made flesh: the zombie in literature, film and culture. In N. Scott (Ed.), Monsters and the monstrous: Myths and metaphors of enduring evil (pp. 33-43). New York: Rodopi.

Boon, K.A. (2007).  Ernest Hemingway: The sun also rises and other works. Tarrytown, NY: Marshall Cavendish. 

Boon, K.A. (2007). As the day would quake. In The Undead: Flesh Feast. Permuted Press. 

Boon, K.A. (2006).  F. Scott Fitzgerald (Writers and Their Works).  New York: Benchmark. 


Cheryl Cheek

Associate Professor of Human Development & Family Studies

Cheek, C. (2012). Manx identity and the comeovers. In J. Matthews & D. Travers (Eds.). Islands and Britishness: A global perspective.  Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Cheek, C. (2010). Passing over: Identity transition in widows.  International Journal of Aging and Human Development, 70(4), 345-364.

Cheek, C., & Piercy, K.W. (2008). Quilting as a tool in resolving Erikson's adult stage of human development. Journal of Adult Development.  15(1), 13-24. 

Piercy, K.W., Cheek, C. (2004).  Tending and befriending: the intertwined relationships of quilters.  Journal of Women & Aging, 16(1-2), 17-33.

Cheek, C. & Piercy, K.W. (2004). Quilting as age identity expression in traditional women.  International Journal of Aging & Human Development, 59(4). 321-337.

Cheek, C. & Piercy, K.W. (2003). Identity paths:  Women's experiences on and off welfare. Journal of Poverty, 7(4), 53-72.  

Cheek, C. & Jones, R. (2001).  Identity style and employment histories among women receiving public assistance. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 59, 76-88.

Cheek, C. & Piercy, K. (2001). The other side of the desk: Former welfare recipients who now work for "the system." Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare, 28(3), 139-156.

Cheek, C. (2003). Designing and developing games: A suitable substitute for exams. Journal of Teaching in Marriage and Family, 3(2), 227-233.


Peter Dendle

Professor of English

Dendle, P. (2014). Demon Possession in Anglo-Saxon England. Medieval Institute Publications: Western Michigan University.

Dendle, P. (2014). Demons of the Water: Anglo-Saxon Responses to the Gerasene Demoniac. In S. Klein & W, Schipper (Eds). The Maritime World of the Anglo-Saxons. pp. 187-208. Tempe, AZ: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

Dendle, P. (2013). Anglo-Saxonism in the Harry Potter Series. In M.K. Booker (Ed). Contemporary Speculative Fiction. pp. 86-99. Ipswich, MA: Salem Press.

Mittman, A. & Dendle, P. (Eds.). (2012). The Ashgate Research Companion to Monsters and the Monstrous. Ashgate.

Dendle, P. (2011). Zombie Movies and the Millennial Generation. In D. Christie & SJ. Lauro, (Eds.). Better Off Dead: The Evolution of the Zombie as Post-Human. pp. 175-186. New York: Fordham University Press. 

Dendle, P. & Raiswell, R (Eds). (2012). The devil in society in premodern Europe. Toronto: Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies.

Dendle, P. (2012). The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia, Volume 2: 2000-2010. Jefferson, NC: McFarland.

Dendle, P. (2011). Cryptozoology and the paranormal in Harry Potter: Truth and belief at the borders of consensus. Children's Literature Association Quarterly, 36(4), 410-425.

Dendle, P. (2009). Monsters, Creatures, and Pets at Hogwarts: Animal Stewardship in the World of Harry Potter. In E. E. Heilman (Ed.), Critical Perspectives on Harry Potter, (2nd ed.) (pp. 163-76). New York: Routledge.

Dendle, P. (2009). The Old English Life of Malchus and Two Vernacular Tales from the Vitas Patrum in MS Cotton Otho C.i: A Translation (Part 1). English Studies, 90(5), 505-517. 

Dendle, P. (2009). The Old English Life of Malchus and Two Vernacular Tales from the Vitas Patrum in MS Cotton Otho C.i: A Translation (Part 2). English Studies, 90(6), 631-652.  


Michael Doncheski

Chief Academic Officer

Gilbert, L.P. Belloni, M, Doncheski, M.A., & Robinett, R.W. (2006). Piecewise zero-curvature energy eigenstates in one dimension. European Journal of Physics, 27, 1331-1339.

Gilbert, L.P. Belloni, M, Doncheski, M.A., & Robinett, R.W. (2006). Playing quantum physics Jeopardy with zero-energy states. American Journal of Physics, 74, 1035-1036.  [open access @ arXiv]

Belloni, M., Doncheski, M.A., & Robinett, R.W. (2005). Zero-curvature solutions of the one-dimensional Schrodinger equation, Physica Scripta, 72, 122-126.  [open access @ arXiv]

Belloni, M., Doncheski, M.A., & Robinett, R.W. (2005). Exact results for 'bouncing' Gaussian wave packets. Physica Scripta, 71, 136-140.  [open access @ arXiv]

Robinett, R.W, Doncheski, M.A., & Bassett, L.C. (2005). Simple examples of position-momentum correlated Gaussian free-particle wave packets in one dimension with the general form of the time-dependant spread in position.  Foundations of Physics Letters, 18(5), 455-475.  [open access @ arXiv]

Gilbert, L.P., Belloni, M., Donchecki, M.A., & Robinett, RW. (2005). More on the asymmetric infinite square well: energy eigenstates with zero curvature.  European Journal of Physics, 26(5), 815-825.  [open access @ arXiv]

Godfrey, S., Zhu, S.H., & Doncheski, M.A. (2005). Higgs boson production in gamma gamma collisions via resolved-photon contributions. International Journal of Modern Physics A, 20(15), 3381-3383.  [open access @ arXiv]


James Donovan

Associate Professor of History

Donovan, J.M. (2010). Juries and the transformation of criminal justice in France in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press.  

Donovan, J. (2007). Not a right but a public function: The debate in the French National Assembly over the 1872 law on jury formation. French History. 21(4), 395-410.

Donovan, J. (1999). Magistrates and juries in France, 1791-1952. French Historical Studies. 22(3), 379-420.  

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Donovan, J.M. (1988). Abortion, the law, and the juries in France, 1825-1923. Criminal Justice History, 9, 157-188. 

Donovan, J.M. (1987). Justice and sexuality in Victorian Marseille, 1825-1885. Journal of Social History, 21, 229-262.

Donovan, J.M. (1984). The uprooting theory of crime and the Corsicans of Marseille, 1825-1880. French Historical Studies, 13, 500-528.

Donovan, J.M. (1981). Justice unblind: The juries and the criminal classes in France, 1825-1914. Journal of Social History, 15, 89-107.


Sherry Goertz

Instructor of Nursing

Goertz, S., & Kverno, K. (2008). Neurobiologic considerations in psychiatric care. In P.G. O'Brien, W.Z. Kennedy, & K.A. Ballard (Eds.), Psychiatric mental health nursing: An introduction to theory and practice. Boston: Jones and Bartlett.

Goertz, S. (2006).  Eye on diagnostics. Gauging fluid balance with osmolality. Nursing 2006, 36(10), 70-71.


Susan Johnston Graf

Professor of English

Graf, S.J. (2016). Introduction. In A. Machen. Il Grande Dio Pan. Tre Editori.  [Italian translation of Arthur Machen’s novella, The Great God Pan]

Graf, S.J. (2015). Talking to the Gods : Occultism in the Work of W. B. Yeats, Arthur Machen, Algernon Blackwood, and Dion Fortune.  Albany: SUNY Press.

Graf, S. [Co-Editor]. (2009). Journal for the Academic Study of Magic.

Graf, S. (2009).  AE's divine vision.  Esotericism, Religion, and Nature.  Aruthur Versluis, Claire Fanger, Lee Irwin, Melinda Phillips (eds.) North American Academic Press.  241-254.

Graf, S.J. (2007). Occultism, scientific materialism, and belief in Victorian England. In A. Caleb (Ed.). (Re)Creating Science in Nineteenth-Century Britain.  Cambridge Scholars Press.

Graf, S.J. (2007). Feminist spirituality in the occult novels of Dion Fortune. Journal of Gender Studies, 16(1), 47-56.

Graf, S.J. (2005). An infant avatar: the mature occultism of W.B. Yeats. New Hibernia Review, 9(4),  99-112.

Graf, S.J. (2003). Joyce's mythopoeic vision: the development of Stephen Dedalus in Portrait and Ulysses. In-between: essays and studies in literary criticism, 12(1-2), 49-57.

Graf, S.J. (2003). Heterodox religions in Ireland at the turn of the twentieth century : theosophy, the hermetic society, and the castle of heroes.  Irish Studies Review, 11(1), 51-59

Graf, S.J. (2000). W.B. Yeats -- Twentieth-century magus. York Beach, Me. : Samuel Weiser.


John Gray

Instructor in Business Administration

Gray, J. R. & Labedz, C. S. (2013). Accounting for Lean Implementation in Government Enterprise: Intended and Unintended Consequences. International Journal of System Dynamics Applications, 2(1), 14-36.  doi: 10.4018/ijsda.2013010102


Kira Hamman

Instructor of Mathematics

Hamman, K. (2017). A delicate balance: Quantitative literacy & equityMAA Focus, 36(6), 14-15. 

Hamman, K. (2009). Faculty forum: Against assessment. Academe 95(5), 70


Hanafiah Harvey

Associate Professor of Economics

Harvey, H.  & Oskooee, M. B. (2017). Exchange rate sensitivity of commodity flows between the Philippines and the US. Macroeconomics and Finance in Emerging Market Economies, 10(1), 39-67.

Harvey, H.  & Oskooee, M. B. (2017). Exchange rate volatility and commodity trade between US and the Philippines. International Economics and Economics Policy, 14(2), 263-291. 

Harvey, H.,  Furuoka, F., & Munir, Q. (2017). The Role of Tourism, Real Exchange Rate, and Economic Growth in Malaysia: Further Evidence of Disaggregated Data. Asia Pacific Social Science Review, 16(3), 135-140.

Harvey, H. , Oskooee, M. B., & Hegerty, S. W. (2017). The Japanese trade balance and asymmetric effects of yen fluctuations: Evidence using nonlinear methods. The Journal of Economic Asymmetries, 15, 56-63.

Harvey, H., & Oskooee, M. B. (2017). Bilateral Trade Balances of Malaysia with her 11 Largest Trading Partners: New Evidence from Asymmetry Cointegration. Global Economic Review: Perspectives on East Asian Economies and Industries.

Harvey, H., Oskooee, M. B., & Aftab, M. (2016). Asymmetry Cointegration and the J-Curve: New Evidence from Malaysia-Singapore Commodity Trade. The Journal of Economic Asymmetries, 14, 211-226.

Harvey, H., (July 2016). How receptive are Thailand's exchange rates to its inpayments and outpayments at bilateral levels, Eighth Asia-Pacific Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance and Banking (AP16Singapore Conference)., Singapore, published in proceedings.

Bahmani-Oskooe, M., & Harvey, H. (2015). Exchange-rate sensitivity of commodity flows between the Philippines and the US. Macroeconomics and Finance in Emerging Market Economies. Macroeconomics and finance in emerging market economies. doi:10.1080/17520843.2015.1089302

Bahmani-Oskooe, M., Harvey, H., & Hegerty, S. (2015). Exchange-rate volatility and commodity trade: The case of the US and Italy. Economic Issues, 20(2), 1-27.

Munir, Q., Ching, K.S., Furuoka, F., & Harvey, H. (2015). Testing for unemployment hysteresis in selected transition economies. Transition Studies Review, 22, 103-120.


Kimberly Herrmann

Assistant Professor of Physics & Astronomy

Herrmann, K.A., Hunter, D.A., Zhang, H.-X., & Elmegreen, B.G. (2016). Mass-to-light versus Color Relations for Dwarf Irregular Galaxies. Astronomical Journal, 152, 177-181.  [open access @ arXiv]

Herrmann, K.A., Hunter, D.A., & Elmegreen, B.G. (2016). Surface Brightness Profiles of Dwarf Galaxies: II. Color Trends and Mass Profiles. Astronomical Journal, 151, 145-161.  [open access @ arXiv]

Jacoby, G.H., Ciardullo, R., De Marco, O., Lee, M.G., Herrmann, K.A., Hwang, H.S., Kaplan, E., & Davies, J.E. (2013). A Survey for Planetary Nebulae in M31 Globular Clusters. Astrophysical Journal, 769, 10-23.  [open access @ arXiv]

Herrmann, K.A., Hunter, D.A., & Elmegreen, B.G. (2013). Surface Brightness Profiles of Dwarf Galaxies: I. Profiles and Statistics. Astronomical Journal, 146, 104-128.  [open access @ arXiv]

Hunter, D.A., Ficut-Vicas, D., Ashley, T., Brinks, E., Cigan, P., Elmegreen, B.G., Heesen, V., Herrmann, K.A., Johnson, M., Oh, S.-H., Rupen, M.P., Schruba, A., Simpson, C.E., Walter, F., Westpfahl, D.J., Young, L.M., & Zhang, H.-X. (2012) Little Things. Astronomical Journal, 144, 134-162.  [open access @ arXiv]

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Herrmann, K.A., & Ciardullo, R. (2009). Planetary Nebulae in Face-On Spiral Galaxies. II. Planetary Nebula Spectroscopy. The Astrophysical Journal, 703, 894-904.  [open access @ arXiv]

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Edward L. Hipkiss

Instructor in Biology and Microbiology

Jackson CM, Flies DB, Mosse CA, Parwani A, Hipkiss EL, & Drake CG. (2013). Strain-specific induction of experimental autoimmune prostatitis (EAP) in mice. Prostate. 73(6), 651-656. doi:10.1002/pros.22606   [open access @ PubMed Central]

Getnet D, Grosso JF, Goldberg MV, Harris TJ, Yen HR, Bruno TC, Durham NM, Hipkiss EL, Pyle KJ, Wada S, Pan F, Pardoll DM, Drake CG. (2010). A role for the transcription factor Helios in human CD4(+)CD25(+) regulatory T cells. Molecular Immunology, 47(7-8), 1595-600. doi: 10.1016/j.molimm.2010.02.001   [open access @ PubMed Central]

Hipkiss, E.L., Xie, Y., Akpinarli, A., Maris, C., Lane, M. Kwon, E.M. et al. (2010). Naive tumor-specific CD4+ T-cells differentiated in vivo eradicate established melanoma. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 207(3), 651-667.  [open access @ PubMed Central]

Grosso JF, Goldberg MV, Getnet D, Bruno TC, Yen HR, Pyle KJ, Hipkiss E, Vignali DA, Pardoll DM, Drake CG. (2009). Functionally distinct LAG-3 and PD-1 subsets on activated and chronically stimulated CD8 T cells. Journal of Immunology, 182(11), 6659-6669. doi:10.4049/jimmunol.0804211  [open access @ PubMed Central]

Wada S, Yoshimura K, Hipkiss EL, Harris TJ, Yen HR, Goldberg MV, Grosso JF, Getnet D, Demarzo AM, Netto GJ, Anders R, Pardoll DM, Drake CG. (2009). Cyclophosphamide augments antitumor immunity: studies in an autochthonous prostate cancer model. Cancer Research. 69(10), 4309-18. doi:10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-08-4102   [open access @ PubMed Central

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Hipkiss, E.L., Harris, T.J., Borzillary, S., Wada, S., Grosso, J.F., et al. (2008). Radiotherapy augments the immune response to prostate cancer in a time-dependent manner. Prostate, 68(12). 1319-1329.   [open access @ PubMed Central]


Angela Hissong

Senior Instructor in Occupational Therapy

Hissong, A.N, Lape, J.E., & Bailey, D.M. (2015). Bailey's research for the health professional. (3rd Ed.). Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis.

Hissong, A. (2010). Feminist Philosophy: A Beginning Point for Adult Educators Promoting Women's Wellness Education. PAACE Journal of Lifelong Learning, 19.

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Hissong, A. & Wilhite, C. (2008, July 28). Occupational therapy's role with farmers with disabilities or disease: Understanding the cultural factor of farming as a way of life. OT Practice, 13(13), CE1-CE8.

Hissong, A. (2005). Learning self nurturance and unlearning patriarchy: A feminist poststructural narrative inquiry of rural mothers' constantly shifting identity. (Doctoral dissertation, Pennsylvania State University). Dissertation Abstracts International, 68(05), (UMI No. 3261900)


Richard Kane

Associate Professor of English

Kane, R. (2007). At the bottom of the World with Bruce Chatwin.  North Dakota Quarterly, 75 (1).

Kane, R. (2004, Spring). Earth, water, and fire: Elemental representations of feminist force in stories by John Cheever, T. Coraghessan Boyle, and Tobias Wolff. Journal of the Short Story in English, Les Cahiers de la Nouvelle. 42. 111-134.

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Peter Linehan

Associate Professor of Forestry

Linehan, P.E. (2012).  The Teacher and the Forest: The Pennsylvania Forestry Association, George Perkins Marsh, and the Origins of Conservation Education.  Pennsylvania History: A Journal of Mid-Atlantic Studies, 79(4), pp. 520-536.

Linehan, P.E. (2010).  Saving Penn's Woods: Deforestation and Reforestation in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Legacies, 10(1), 20-25.

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Jennifer Marchand-Reilly

Associate Professor of Human Development & Family Studies

Marchand-Reilly, J.F. (2016). Examining links among parents’ depressive symptoms, attacking conflict behaviors, childrearing disagreements, and over-reactive discipline. Journal of Adult Development, 23, 93 - 100.

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Jacob Moore

Assistant Professor of Engineering

Moore, J. Pascale, M., Williams, C. North, C. (2013) Translating Educational Theory Into Educational Software: A Case Study of the Adaptive Map Project Proceedings of the 2013 ASEE Annual Conference Atlanta, GA, ASEE.

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