Study at Hazleton Library

Rooms and Spaces

Group Study Room
Location Features Reservations
Room #14
Campus Map
  • Large-screen monitor which can display the screens of multiple wireless devices simultaneously
  • Comfortable furniture
  • Whiteboard and blackboard
In person at the library service desk (upper level)
By phone 570.450.3170
Pick up key with your PSU ID at the library service desk (upper level)
2 Media Commons Rooms Mac Computer with Microphone and Headphones for audio/visual production. Checkout key at the Service Desk
Meditation corner Comfortable furniture in a relaxed environment
  • 2 computers

emWave — connects a sensor placedom the ear to he computer to measure heart rate variability and provides tutorials to manage stress based on the resulting relaxation response

TestEdge, helps people with test anxiety. It provides a series of videos, information, and hints to reduce anxiety.)

  • Relaxation Books (eg. Stress Management, Humor)

  • Stress Balls

Frist Come, First Served

Whisper Room Soundproof room for audio/video projects Checkout key at the Service Desk

Scan, Copy, Print


Scanners are located on both floors of the Library. On the first floor you can utilize the Scannx scanner with touch screen interface and ability to send files to USB, Email, Smart-Phone, or Google Drive.


The student copier is located on the first floor across from the service desk. Photocopies are free but students must abide by the copyright law of the United States.

3D Printing

The Penn State Hazleton Library offers 3D printing services. If you have any questions about our LulzBot TAZ printer, the material we use (PLA filament), or how it might benefit you, please stop by or contact us at

  1. email the 3D model computer file (preferably in .stl format) to, and
  2. complete the 3D Print Request Form

3D Printing Resources


Equipment to Borrow

Available Equipment
Item Loan Period
Laptops 24 hours
Headphones 24 hours
Flash Drives 24 hours
Portable hard drives 24 hours
Phone Chargers
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 5 & 6
  • Android
In-library use only
USB cables 24 hours
  • (x15) TI-85+
  • (x17) TI-30xIIs
  • (x6) BA-11+
  • (x10) TI-30XS
  • (x2) TI-89
  • (x1) TI84
24 hours
Green Laser Pointers for Presentations 24 hours
Card Reader for Memory Cards 24 hours
Mini Display port VGA Adapter 24 hours
USB Mice 24 hours
Samsung Micro USB Chargers In Library use only
Micro USB/Android Chargers

In Library use only

500gb Portable Hard Drive for use with 3D Scanner Only

In Library use only

Whiteboard Marker and Eraser sets

In Library use only

(x6) Headphones

In Library use only

Travel Chess sets 24 hours
Checkers 24 hours

Meditation Kits: Headphones, iPod nano (includes pastic case, charging cord, music list)

In-library use only