Study at the Hazleton Library

Rooms and Spaces

Rooms and Spaces
Room Maximum Occupancy Location
105 – One Button Studio 3 Main Floor
106 – Media Commons (video and audio editing) 3 Main Floor
107 – Media Commons (video and audio editing) 3 Main Floor
111 – Quiet Study 4 Main Floor
113 – Quiet Study 6 Main Floor
004 – Seminar Classroom 24 Lower Level
006 – Career Closet 3 Lower Level
008 – Collaborative Study 6 Lower Level
013 – Collaborative Study 4 Lower Level
014 – Collaborative Study 4 Lower Level
016 – Makerspace Student Area 4 Lower Level
018 – Makerspace Supervised Area 6 Lower Level

Scan, Copy, Print


One scanner on the first floor.


The student copier is located on the first floor across from the service desk. Photocopies are free but students must abide by the copyright law of the United States.


The Penn State Hazleton Lofstrom Library offers two rooms with a variety of creative tools that include:

  • 3D printing
  • Large  format printing
  • Vinyl cutting
  • Rock tumbler
  • Button maker
  • Sewing machine

Visit us at the library for more information.

Textbooks and Reserves

For Students

Physical items such as textbooks, DVDs, and other materials that are placed on Course Reserve by your instructor can be accessed at the Circulation Desk at the Library. Materials are to be returned at the same desk.

  • You will need your Penn State ID card to check out materials.
  • Fines will be assessed on overdue items. Items that are lost/damaged will be assessed additional fees.
  • E-Reserves can be accessed either through your instructor’s Canvas page or through the E-Reserves system.

For Instructors

Reserves are placed only during semesters when the course for which those materials were requested is in session.

Equipment to Borrow

Late fees apply to all items.

Equipment to Borrow
Item Quantity Loan Period
Laptop - Dell 10 7 days
Calculator - TI-30XS IIS 18 24 hours
Calculator - TI BA II Plus (FINANCIAL) 4 24 hours
Calculator - TI-83 Plus 11 24 hours
Calculator - TI-30XS Multiview 9 24 hours
Android USB Phone Charger 10 in-library use only
iPhone USB Charger 10 in-library use only
Samsung Micro USB 3.0 Phone Charger 3 in-library use only
Hi Speed SD Card Reader/Writer 1 24 hours
Laser Pointer 1 24 hours
Portable Hard Drive 500 GB 1 24 hours
Headphones 6 7 days
Umbrellas 2 24 hours
Whiteboard Eraser & Markers 4 in-library use only
Logi Headsets with mic. 3 7 days
Portable Samsung DVD Writer 1 24 hours


Media Commons

Equipment to Borrow from the Media Commons
Item Quantity Loan Period
Canon VIXIA HF10 Video Camera 2 24 hours
Canon PowerShot S5 IS 1 24 hours
GoPro Max 360 1 24 hours
POLSEN Camera - moutable VHF Wireless System Microphone 1 24 hours
POLSEN Lavalier Microphone 2 24 hours
Vastar Phone Dip Mount 2 24 hours
Vastar iPad Mount 2 24 hours
Vista Tripod 1 24 hours
Bogen 3001 Tripod 1 24 hours
Manfrotto Tripod 1 24 hours
USB 3.0 Card Reader 1 24 hours
Cardboard View Master 1 24 hours
Snowball Blue 2 24 hours

Anatomical Models and Molecular Model Kits

Models to Borrow
Item Quantity Loan Period
Full Human Skeletons 3 in-library use only
Muscled Arm 1 in-library use only
Muscled Leg 1 in-library use only
Human Lung with Heart and Larynx 1 in-library use only
Kidney with Adrenal Gland 3 in-library use only
Unisex Human Torso 1 in-library use only
Full Size Disarticulated Human Skeleton 1 in-library use only
Human Brain 1 in-library use only
Life Size 2-Part Human Brain 1 in-library use only
Disarticulated Half Human Skeleton 1 in-library use only
Pancreas 1 in-library use only
Spinal Cord with Nerve Endings 1 in-library use only
Heart 2 in-library use only
Functional Knee Joint 1 in-library use only
Functional Shoulder Joint 1 in-library use only
Molecular Model Kit 2 in-library use only
Modeling DNA Structure Lab Kit 1 in-library use only
Stethoscope, Blood Pressure Cuff, Case 3 in-library use only