Music and Media Center

The Walter and Doris Goldstein Music and Media Center, located on the second floor of West Pattee Library houses a collection of sound and video recordings, playback equipment including CD and DVD/Blu-Ray players, VCRs, televisions, turntables, cassette players, laserdisk players and computer with DVD drives.  Headphones, USB DVD drives and HDMI cables can also be checked out.

Loan Periods

Audio Recordings - one semester

Video Recordings - one week

Headphones - 24 hours

Course Reserves - 4 hours in-house use only

Schedule Videos for Classroom Viewing

Instructors may schedule videos in advance for future pickup on a specific date by using the Video Scheduling form. 

Audio Electronic Reserves

The University Libraries’ electronic course reserve service for audio employs streaming technology to provide Penn State students and instructors access to audio being studied in courses at Penn State University. The service is available to any instructor at any Penn State location. The service is hosted by Digital Library Technologies and the Music and Media Center at University Park campus. 

To use the audio e-reserves service for your course, contact us by email at Please include in your message the course name, course number, and the semester you will be teaching (or, if the current semester, the timeframe in which the music is needed).

Fair Use

The music for this service is sourced from licensed audio databases such as Naxos Music Library, and from the University Libraries’ collection of sound recordings. The techniques employed in providing this service are intended to comply with the fair use provisions of copyright law. 

Audio Electronic Reserves is a course-related audio service of the University Libraries and Digital Library Technologies. This service employs audio streaming technology to provide Penn State students and instructors access to music and other audio being studied in courses at Penn State University. The techniques employed in providing this service are intended to comply with the Fair Use provisions of Copyright Law. The Penn State University Libraries observe the guidelines for this type of service established by the Music Library Association.

Some key characteristics of this compliance are:

  • Use for non-profit, educational purposes.
  • Restriction of access to authorized Penn State users.
  • Limitation of the service to requests made by faculty to support classroom activities.
  • Access via course-specific links only, and only for the duration of the semester the course is taught.
  • Streaming only, with measures taken to prevent downloading.
  • Purchase of requested audio recordings for the library when they have not already been purchased by the University Libraries.
  • Exclusion of content marketed to students for student consumption (e.g., audio that accompanies textbooks).

Accessing the Audio Files on Reserve

Audio files on reserve for your course are accessible from the list of all items on reserve for that course. To retrieve the list of items on reserve for your course, visit Course Reserves Services to search for your course reserves. When you retrieve the list of reserves for your course, one entry in the list will be "Audio files on electronic reserve." Click on the "Audio files" link to access the web page with links to the audio files for your course.  Audio Reserves require a PSU Access Account for use.

Video and Audio Course Reserves

Instructors may place video and audio recordings and music scores on reserve for their courses at the Music and Media Center service desk by filling out the Book/Media Reserve Request Form or by sending an email message to  Students may check out reserve items for four hours in-library use only.

Video Viewing Room, W214 Pattee Library

The Video Viewing Room has all-region VCR, DVD and Blu-Ray player.  Small groups can screen videos in this room, which seats up to 12 people. Use of the room can be scheduled in advance by contacting the Music and Media Center at 865-3616. The room is available on a first-come, first-served basis, when not previously scheduled.

Film/Video Viewing Room, News and Microforms Library

The Film/Video Viewing Room is equipped with an instructors podium, a DVD player, VCR and LCD Projector. The room seats approximately 12 and has stackable seating for an additional 10 seats. Groups of Penn State students and faculty can request to reserve this room, for a maximum of 3 hours per day, 6 hours per week (Sunday to Saturday), in person at the News & Microforms Library Reference Desk (Ground Floor Pattee Library), or by telephone (863-0377) for the purpose of educational screening of film/video during News & Microforms Library staffed hours only.