Study at the Abington College Library

Rooms and Spaces

Room Equipment Policies Procedure Availability
Group Study and Media Commons Rooms at the Abington College Library.
Group Study

Room 5

Library lower level
  • PC
Minimum of two, no more than four people. Keus may be checked out at the Circulation Desk for two hours at a time. Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Media Commons

Room 104
  • 2 Macs with various software for creating podcasts and editing video.
  • Additional equipment for digital projects microphones and tripods can be checked out at the Circulation Desk.
No food or drink allowed in the Media Commons rooms. Keys may be checked out at the Circulation Desk for two hours at a time. The rooms must be reserved in advance.

Reserve by calling 215-881-7424 or in-person at the reference or circulation desks.
One-Button Studio

Room 102
  • Canon HD Videocamera
  • Epson Projector (view PowerPoint or related files)
  • iMac Computer (access files related to presentation)
  • Greenscreen capabilities
  • Ceiling-mounted lights and microphone
  • Setup Guide
No food or drink allowed Keys may be checked out at the Circulation Desk for two hours at a time. The room must be reserved in advance.

Reserve by calling 215-881-7424 or in-person at the reference or circulation desks.
  • Use of the rooms is limited to Penn State University students, faculty and staff with a current valid Penn State ID.
  • Please do not leave library materials in the group study rooms or leave personal items unattended.
  • Missing or damaged items checked out from the Circulation Desk are the responsibility of the person checking out that particular item. Replacement costs may be charged to that person.
  • Students, faculty, and staff wishing to use the Media Commons facilities for class- or work-related projects have priority over those using equipment for personal reasons.


Library Location Number of computers
Location of computers in the Library.
Main Level, Front & Rear 56 computers
Upper Level 8 computers
Lower Level       3  computers & 1 MAC

Use of library computers is for academic purposes only.


Wireless Internet Access


Wireless internet access is available in the library. Please refer to the instructions for using the wireless network at Penn State Abington.


Scan, Copy and Print


One computer on the main level has a scanner.


There is one copier available for student use located on the Main Level. The copier only accepts LionCash and the cost is $0.10 per page.


  • All computers throughout the library are networked to printers. The printers are located in the front and rear of the library's main level. Printing is free for the first 110 sheets each semester.  After that, there is a $.05 per page charge. Instructions on how to purchase additional pages can be found at CLC Print Management page.
  • A color printer is available in the library.  One page of color printing uses 3 sheets of the student printing allotment.
  • Wireless/Remote printing is also available.  Instructions to setup your laptop for wireless printing.

Television, VCR, DVD Player

There is a television, VCR, and DVD player in Room 104 on the Main Level.


Textbooks and Reserves

Course Reserves

To place an item on reserve in the Abington Library, please contact Catherine Rohland ( at 215-881-7431. You may also submit the online Course Reserves Request. Reserve requests are available for "Use in the Library Only" for two hours. 

Guidelines for placing books on reserve:

  • For faster processing, personal copies of textbooks may be brought to the Circulation Desk to be placed on reserve.  If you do not have a personal copy available to be put on reserve, please contact Catherine Rohland ( for alternate ways of requesting textbooks.
  • We can create durable links to full-text articles available through most, but not all, of the Libraries' licensed databases.  If an article is not available through the Penn State system,  please submit clean, scannable copies of articles to the Library.   E-reserves require 2-3 weeks for processing. 
  • ​For further information on Course Reserves, including copyright restrictions and linking reserves to Canvas, please refer to Course Reserves on the University Libraries homepage.


Equipment to Borrow

iPads - Please contact Dolores Fidishun ( regarding the use of iPads for classroom assignments. iPads can be checked out for 7 days based on availability.

Item Loan Period Usage Late Fee
Equipment available for loan at the Abington Campus Library.
Google Glass   Faculty only  
Cameras – Large Sony DXA-ZS Camera (from Rm 6)   Library Use Only  
Cannon Digital Sure Shot Camera 4 hours Circulates $25.00/day
16 MB Memory Card for Canon Digital Camera 4 hours Circulates $3/day 
1GB Memory Card for Camera 4 hours Circulates $3/day
Canon HD Camcorder 4 hours Circulates $25.00/day
Flip Camera (video) Mino HD 5 days Circulates $3/day
Bloggie Touch (Sony ) Cameras 8GB 5 days Circulates $3/day
Canon ZR800 Digital Video Transfer camcorder 4 hours Library Use Only  
Joby GorillaPod Flexible Tripods 5 days Circulates $3/day 
Canon Tripods (Portable W black bags) 5 days Circulates $3/day/Max $15
USB Flash Drive 1GB (PSU)

(User should remove all files before returning)
4 hours Library Use Only $3/day
Memory Card Reader/Writer 2 hours Library Use Only $3/day
Portable charger with iPhone adapter 4 hours Circulates $3/day
Portable White Boards (Lined, Grid, Graph) 5 days Circulates $3/day/Max $15
Headphones 4 hours Library Use Only $1/hr. to $100 max
Headphone splitter 4 hours Circulates $3/day
Audio Recorder 5 days Circulates $3/day
Microphone 4 hours Circulates $3/day
Wireless Microphone Kit 4 hours Circulates $3/day
Regular Calculator 4 hours Circulates $1/hr. to $100 max
Graphing Calculators 4 hours Circulates $1/hr. to $100 max
Scientific Calculators 4 hours Circulates $1/hr. to $100 max
Ipads - for certain classes only   Circulates $25.00/day
Scanners 2-hour limit Library Use Only main floor