Acknowledgements - The Ogontz School

Project Leader: Sam Stormont, Head Librarian, Penn State University,  Abington College Library

Project Consultant: Lee Stout, Head, Special Collections Public Services and Outreach, University Libraries, University Park Campus

Research, Content and Descriptive work: Theresa Smith, Special Assistant to the Director of Development, Development Office, Abington College and Jeannette Ullrich, Abington College Library Staff

Design: Theresa Smith, Development Office, Abington College

Web site design: Karen Schwenter, Senior Applications Programmer/Analyst, Information Technologies Department, University Libraries, University Park Campus

Administrative Support: Jeannette Ullrich, Abington College Library Staff; Kathleen Cinquino, Abington College Library Staff; Matthew Wayman, Reference Librarian, Abington College Library

Digital Preservation and Imaging: Larry Wentzel, Digital Preservation Coordinator, Albert Rozo, Reformatting Supervisor, Julia Allis, Scanning Technician, Digitization and Preservation Department, University Libraries, University Park Campus

Metadata Consultant: Jin Ma, Electronic Resources Cataloging Librarian, University Libraries, University Park Campus

Technical Consultant: Linda Klimczyk, Lead Systems Analyst, Department for Information Technologies, University Libraries, University Park Campus

Funding was provided by the state through legislation requiring the four statewide Library Resource Centers to create on-line resources for the citizens of Pennsylvania. The project was coordinated by the University Libraries' Digitization and Preservation Department under the leadership of Sue Kellerman, The Judith O. Sieg Chair for Preservation, Head, Digitization and Preservation.

Support and Encouragement: Karen Wiley Sandler, Chancellor, Penn State University,  Abington College; Jack Sulzer, Associate Dean, Campus College Libraries; Staff from the Department for Information Technologies and Staff from Digital Library Technologies, University Libraries

Funding for this project was made possible by resources received through the Pennsylvania Statewide Resource Center Appropriations, Harrisburg, PA to digitize Pennsylvania related source materials

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