Libraries at a Glance

Quick Facts

37 libraries across 24 Pennsylvania locations

3.2 million visitors through Pattee and Paterno libraries

Ranked among the top 10 research libraries in North America

From the Beginning

1859: The University Library's first collection is housed in Old Main

1894: Helen Bradley is named the first librarian

1904: The library moves to Carnegie Library (Known today as the Carnegie Building)


1937: A Penn State Collegian article dated October 8, 1937 headlined "College Building Program - Library" details the proposed new library building

1940: The new library opens. The collection reaches 150,000 volumes, and the dictionary catalog is replaced with a divided catalog system

1960: The Library's collection grows to 800,000 volumes

1966: The West Pattee Wing is complete

1967: The Library's name is changed to University Libraries

1973: East Pattee Wing addition is made

2000: New Paterno Library and renovated Pattee Library dedicated

2012: The Tombros - McWhirter Knowledge Commons incorporates flexible space designed to anticipate students' needs, promote learning areas, and boast extensive information and resources

Present Day

2013: ScholarSphere provides a secure repository service that enables the Penn State Community to share research and scholarly work with a world-wide audience.

2014: Research Hub provides upper-division students and researchers with access to specialized consultants in subjects such as GIS, data, statistics, and research methodology.

The Daily Collegian Online: The Daily Collegian and all of its predecessors serve as an integral part for documenting student life at Penn State. The Daily Collegian is digitized through 1987.

La Vie Digitized Online: La Vie, the Penn State annual student year book, has been produced since 1890. The online La Vie project is a joint collaboration between Penn State University Archives and the University Libraries Digitization and Preservation Department to digitize yearbooks beginning in 1890 through 2000. (La Vie Online)