Records Management Program Overview

The Records Management program focuses on two key areas:  Record Retention and Files Administration.

Record Retention

  • Identifies the permanently valuable records of the University or those functions and activities for which documentation must be preserved
  • Specifies, through records retention schedules, records to be preserved as having archival value
  • Authorizes, on a continual basis, the disposition of specified recurring series of records
  • Audits, annually, to see that retention schedules are up-to-date and followed
  • Teaches, through training sessions and workshops, procedures to follow for the creation and implementation of records retention schedules within the University

Files Administration

  • Identifies, recommends, and applies revisions in filing practices and techniques to maintain records easily and to retrieve them rapidly, to ensure their completeness, and to facilitate the disposition of noncurrent records
  • Teaches, through training sessions and workshops, various filing methods and systems for the improvement of information handling