Preserve Your Family Collections Top Ten List

A Selected On-line Resource Listing

Top ten list you can do to preserve family and special collections:

  1.  Provide the right environment - 60 to 70° F 1 40 to 50°/o Rh
  2.  Avoid light - store ·in dark
  3.  Zip it - isolate infected materials immediately
  4.  Use archival quality products - buy from reputable vendors 
  5.  Never use tape or glue. Never laminate.  If it's not reversible, don't use it!
  6.  Label carefully and accurately- use pencil not pen
  7.  Handle with care - wash hands, handle by edges or margins
  8.  Avoid paper clips, rubber bands and staples
  9.  Make use copies
  10.  Digitizing doesn't mean that you preserved it!