About the Bindery

The Bindery unit processes library materials to and from the commercial bindery for all University Park locations and many campus locations.  Types of materials handled include periodicals and serials, monographs, music parts and scores, and newspapers.  Bindery staff also pull bindable units of accumulated periodical issues from the Pattee and Paterno Library locations and update item records in the Libraries’ on-line database when issues are bound.  The staff also collate and prepares newspapers and theses for microfilm.


About Our Work

In the Bindery unit, we use two automated systems when processing library materials for shipment to our commercial binder.  We create and maintain online binding records; update and maintain online holdings data; and charge and discharge materials to track items within the system.  Each periodical bundle is evaluated to determine appropriate binding  information such as title, volume designation, and call number.  We also perform quality control inspection of bound materials returned from the commercial binder.

We purchase several types of binding options for library books. 

  • For University Park the binding types are Picture Cover, Cloth Binding, Phase Box, and Kapco (aka Easy Cover). 
  • For CCL Locations the binding types are Picture Cover and Kapco (aka Easy Cover).  
  • Library materials received in paperback format are processed as Picture Cover, Cloth Bound, or Kapco (aka Easy Cover).  
  • Material that is brittle is placed into a custom-made Phase Box.

Bindery Standards

Hardcover Binders International, Library Binding Institute

HBI/LBI is the premiere information resource on library binding.  It exists to ensure the highest standards in library binding and to create awareness that library binding is the best long-term collections maintenance preservation option.  Library binders are partners with the library world and are involved in more aspects of book production and preservation, such as:  printing books, to prebinding, scanning books for digital storage and/or production, and book repair/conservation.

Standards and Guidelines

Formal standard adopted by the library industry for library binding.