Penn State University Press

As the publishing arm of the Pennsylvania State University and a division of the Penn State University Libraries and Scholarly Communications, Penn State University Press is dedicated to serving the University community, the citizens of Pennsylvania, and scholars worldwide by publishing books and journals of the highest quality. The Press promotes the advance of scholarship by disseminating knowledge—new information, interpretations, methods of analysis—with an emphasis on core fields of the humanities and social sciences.

The Press is a vital member of the University community and strives to reflect many of the University’s academic strengths in the liberal arts. It also collaborates with alumni, friends, faculty, and staff in producing books about aspects of University life and history. Its thriving internship program provides valuable experience for Penn State students interested in careers in publishing. And as part of a land-grant and state-supported institution, the Press recognizes its special responsibility to develop books about Pennsylvania, both scholarly and popular, that enhance interest in the region and spread awareness of the state's history, culture, environment.

Scholarly publishing has faced monumental challenges over the past few decades. Through its Office of Digital Scholarly Publishing, jointly managed with the Libraries, the Press takes its place among those institutions moving the enterprise forward. Its innovative projects will help identify technological advances and business models to make scholarly publishing feasible, and widely accessible, well into the future.

Department Contact Information

USB1, Suite C
University Park, PA 16802

Penn State University Press Staff

Name Title Email Office Phone
Patrick H Alexander Director 814-865-1327
Brian Beer Marketing and Communications Manager 814-865-1327
Jamie Berube Part-Time Staff 814-865-1327
Kendra L. Boileau Editor-in-Chief 814-865-1327
Therese Boyd Part-Time Staff 814-865-1327
David Buchan Shipping Clerk 814-865-1327
Maddie Caso Editorial Assistant 814-865-1327
Brendan Coyne Sales and Marketing Director 814-865-1327
Teresa A. Craig Administrative Support Coordinator 814-865-1327
Josie DiNovo Editorial Assistant 814-865-1327
Cate Fricke Publicity Manager 814-865-1327
Komal Ganjoo Production Coordinator Journals 814-865-1327
Rachel L Ginder Journals Production Manager 814-865-1327
Ellie Goodman Executive Editor 814-865-1327
Jonathan E Gottshall Production Assistant 814-865-1327
Julie A Lambert Production Coordinator Journals 814-865-1327
William Lightner Customer Relations Specialist 814-865-1327
Emily Lovett Production Assistant 814-865-1327
Astrid Meyer Managing Editor Journals 814-863-3830
Christopher Miller Marketing and Communications Specialist 814-865-1327
Leah Noel Production Coordinator Journals 814-865-1327
Janice North Marketing and Sales Coordinator 814-865-1327
Jennifer Norton Associate Director 814-863-8061
Archna Patel Acquisitions Editor 814-865-1327
Susan Peters Financial Coordinator 814-863-6771
Alex Ramos Production Editor 814-865-1327
Laura Reed-Morrisson Manager Writing and Editing 814-865-1327
Jennifer Singletary Acquisitions Editor 814-865-1327
Heather Smith Journals Marketing Manager 814-865-1327
Annie Spencer Production Coordinator Journals 814-865-1327
Ed Spicer Information Technology Generalist 814-865-1327
Regina Starace Marketing and Communications Specialist 814-865-1327
Lisa Weller Financial Manager 814-865-1327
Brett Wilson Inventory Control and Distribution Specialist 814-865-1327